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Integrated Circuits

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Listings of Integrated Circuits Manufacturers & Integrated Circuits Suppliers

Aplus Integrated Circuits Inc. : Integrated Circuits

we provide electronic parts including consumer voice chips, voice IC, voice otp, OTP, speech IC, audio record IC, integrated circuit, One time programmable, IC design, compress voice, recording voice, melody IC, mask ROM, voice ROM, power speech IC, 4 bit/8 bit micro controller smart voice, aP8910A, aP8920A, aP8942A, aP89010, aP89021, aP89042, aP89085, aP89170, aP89341, API4000, APR9301, APR9600, APR6008, APR6016, APE series etc.

W&E Enterprise Ltd. : Integrated Circuits

we provide electric products, SD flash ( original ,unmark good die ,ink die) cards, compact flash memory cards, USB flash cards, t flash MMC memory cards, flash memory card 128mb 256mb, USB ( Universal Serial Bus) flash disks, flash memory USB, Taiwan USB, mini USB, USB memory sticks, IC, microcircuit, microchip, silicon chips, DDR memory cards, service of die test, IC test, package test, water assembly/ (d/g) ink die assembly/ d/g dram assembly/ flash assembly test turn key service.

Millennium Communication Co., Ltd. : Integrated Circuits

optoelectronic semiconductor- GaAs solar cell, GaAs solar cells, solar chip, solar chips, high efficiency GaAs solar EPI wafer, cell, module, GaAs laser diode, GaAs VCSEL, RCLED, EELD, sot package and testing PV modules, PV modules, solar, solar wafers, solar cells, laser optics, compound solar cells, laser mouses, mono crystalline, silicon, silicon wafers, high power RCLED, optical component, VCSEL ( Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) , RCLED, resonant cavity LED, high efficiency LED, solar lighting, ...

Palette Innovation Corporation : Integrated Circuits

electronic & electrical components- small signal transistors, power transistors, integrated circuits, zener diodes, fast recovery diodes, regulator IC.

System General Corporation : Integrated Circuits

IC ( integrated circuits), power IC, PWM IC, PWM control IC ( PWM controller), power management IC, PFC, power factor correction, SPS, switch power supply, SMPS, switching mode power supply, switch mode power supplies, ATX power supply, custom power supply, AC DC ( AC to DC) off line controllers, green modes, blue angels, power savings, PWM switching IC, green chips, power chips, IC design houses, off line controllers, AC to DC adapters, AD DC adaptors, DC DC ( DC to DC) converters, current sharing, CCM, DC...

United Microelectronics Corp.( UMC Group) : Integrated Circuits

integrated circuits ( IC design, OEM ODM), SMT, semiconductor manufacturing
, embedded memory and design, wafer fabrication. testing- memory tester,
logic tester, mixed tester, assembly- PLCC, DIP, SKINNY, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, QFP, TQFP, BGA
wafer grinding- 6" wafer-down to 10 mil, 8" wafer-down to 10 mil
, wafer probing (for memory, Logic and mixed ICs)
packaging (QFP, SOP, BGA), and final testing.

Acer Laboratories Inc.( ALi) : Integrated Circuits

IC design,
IC integrated circuits for the personal computer( PC) and embedded systems,
core logic, peripheral controllers.

Analog Integrations Corporation. : Integrated Circuits

analog IC design, testing, and marketing analog integrated circuits.
providing standard products in power conditioning and management ICs.
DC/ AC converter, linear ragulator, battery management ICs,
high current drivers, IR preamplifier.

Genesys Logic, Inc. : Integrated Circuits

(1) advanced IC- integrated circuits for the PC, consumer, and industrial markets.
(2) system hardware monitor, USB device controller.
(3) legacy computer peripheral- 3D/ 2D mouse controllers.

Greatek Electronics Inc. : Integrated Circuits

testing and packaging of IC- integrated circuits.

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd. : Integrated Circuits

electronic components including multi- chip modules ( MCM-D, MCM-L, and MCM-C), thick film hybrid
IC/ integrated circuits, thick film print and fire substrates, planar capacitor arrays, custom resistor
networks, thermal print heads, PCB assemblies/ assembly, PGA-MCM, PQFP-MCM, RF modules,
power modules.

UMC Group Asia : Integrated Circuits

electronic components including semiconductors, IC/ integrated circuits.

Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. ( WSMC) : Integrated Circuits

electronic IC( integrated circuits) including logics, mixed modes, SRAMs, flashes, embedded
flash and DRAM to embedded DRAM, mask making, foundry services, probe card assembly, wafers/
chips probing, packaging and final test.

Everprecision Tech. Co., Ltd. : Integrated Circuits

electronic educational machines& consumer products including printed circuit boards( PCB)
prototype machines, integrated circuits( IC) auto writer& test systems, black body, milling
cutters, drills, through hole plating bath.

Vate Technology Co., Ltd. : Integrated Circuits

state of the art integrated circuits testing& packaging technologies on SRAM, SSRAM, DRAM, SGRAM, SDRAM,
logic IC, mixed signal IC.

Asyst Technologies, Inc. : Integrated Circuits

electronics components, semiconductor devices, semiconductor wafers,
integrated circuits( ICs), etc.

Caesar Technology Inc. : Integrated Circuits

IC( integrated circuits) assembly& package services in computers, consumer electronic
products, automobile& military equipments...

Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Ltd. : Integrated Circuits

electronic components including multi- chip modules( MCM-D, MCM-L, MCM-C), thick film hybrid IC/
integrated circuits, thick film print/ fire substrates, planar capacitor arrays, custom resistor networks,
thermal print heads, PCB assemblies/ assembly, RF modules, power modules.

Nantong Hengsheng Fine Ceramic Co., Ltd. : Integrated Circuits

ceramic substrate, radio equipment ceramic spares, mixed integrated circuit chips, ceramic, electricity ceramic.

Beijing EHE Machinery And Electronic Company. : Integrated Circuits

relief valves, hydraulic systems and equipments, standard and non-standard hydraulic integrated circuits.


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