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Contact Lens

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Listings of Contact Lens Manufacturers & Contact Lens Suppliers

Bright Future International Ltd. : Contact Lens

One of the biggest manufacturers & suppliers of light bulbs, auto & motorcycle bulbs, halogen bulbs, decorative bulbs, OEM lighting fixtures, H.I.D. bulbs, fluorescent tubes, indicator bulbs, miniature bulbs, flashlight bulbs, energy saving lamps, mercury lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamp, energy saving lights, DL/ CW/ WW lights, blue light, black light tubes, germicidal lamp tubes, green (red, yellow, blue, white diffused, water clear, BA9S, special) LED bulbs, telephone bulbs, telephone slide base la...

Sintong Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd : Contact Lens

pharmaceuticals, health care products, veterinary drugs, transdermal
patches contact lens solution, medical devices, bulk pharmaceuticals,
plastic bottle products, medical device, plastic bottle, GMP, chemical,
vetarinary, contact lens, transdermal patch, sustained release drugs,
injection, tablet, capsule, cream, medicine, animal, infusion,
hemodialysis, ointment.

Evernice Enterprises Co., Ltd. : Contact Lens

shaving set/ brush/ bowl, metal case, razor sets, manufacturer of razor, name card holder, shoe horn with lint brush, metal yo-yo, contact lens kits, magnifier, kaleidoscope,
organizer, atomizer perfume bottle, cosmetic container, cosmetic packaging, make up packaging plastic & bottle container, manicure set, compact mirror, make-up brush, perfume bottle, perfume pen, memo holder, sewing kits, calendar, phone index, metal CD case, ashtray case, pill box, cigarette case, key chain, aluminum case, metal...

Han-Lin Eye Clinic : Contact Lens

new mopic laser surgery (LASIK), cosmetic surgery, lid bag, double lid, blepharoptosis surgery, botox injection, new cataract surgery ( phacoemulsification), new type intraocular lens implantation, orthokeratology to control the myopia of children, usual ophthalmic diseases diagnosis and treatment, laser of retina, laser of glaucoma, eyeglass and contact lens prescription, lasik eye surgery, wavefront laser eye surgery, Hair Removal, Face Slimming.

Sicong Group : Contact Lens

electronic measurement instruments, binoculars, CD players, digital cameras, digital photo frames, eyeglass lenses & contact lenses, flash portable media players, HDD portable media players, headlights, laser levels, recision measuring instruments, spotting scopes, telescopes, ultrasonic distance measurers.

Chun Hsien Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Contact Lens

garment accessories& others including neck cords, key chain series, ID neck cord
series, spectacles, eyeglass cases, eyegiass pouches, eyeglass cords, contact
lenses accessories, plastic backles & plastic goods, leather products...

Reliance Design & Manufacture Corp. : Contact Lens

injection molds ( moulds, molding, moulding)- 2 shot molding, 2 shot moldings, single & 3-shot ( 3 shot) moldings, multi-shot & multi-injection moldings, co-injection molds, Mouthguards, contact lens cases, custom made moldings, electronic devices.

k-sonic Inc. : Contact Lens

Machinery, parts & accessories- hot plate plastic welder, high frequency M/C, welding M/C, cutting/ swing machine, lace sewing machine, ultrasonic quilting machine, contact lenses cleaner,etc..

Prowave Electronics Corporation : Contact Lens

electronic components& instruments including air ultrasonic/ underwater ultrasonic/ bolt-
clamped high power/ ultrasonic atomizing transducers, air ultrasonic proximity/ piezoelectric
film/ blood pressure sensors, pyroelectric infrared sensors & frensnel lens glass break detectors,
audio transducers & buzzers & elements, piezoelectric ceramic elements, piezoelectric ceramic
sirens, ultrasonic contact lens cleaners, ultrasonic novelties.

Sonic Force Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. : Contact Lens

super sonic contact lens cleaning machinery, mini- supersonic/ table- top type
ultrasonic cleaning machines, individual tank vertical ultrasonic cleaners,
supersonic cutting milling machine, plastic welding machine...

West North Machine Works, Ltd. : Contact Lens

machinery equipments including automatic parts counting
and packaging machines, automatic aligning and orientating
parts feeders, assembling machines, pin- inserting machines,
plastic injection molding machines, contact lens forming machines,
sealing packing machines.

Yuncheng Internation Optical Ltd. : Contact Lens

myopia controlling lens, myopia alleviative lens, hard contact lens.

Innova Vision Inc. : Contact Lens

disposable & conventional opaque soft contact lens, color contact lens.


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