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Noodle Manufacturers

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Grand Western Foods Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

(1) food products- noodles, pickled, frozen food, glace fruit, melon
seed, instant drinks, canned foods, bean food, toys candy, soft drink,
preserves, cracker, candy.
(2) utensils- daily necessaries, plastic ware, ceramic doll, decoration
products, cooking utensils, and kitchenware.

Ve Wong Corporation : Noodle Manufacturers

Our product lines including instant noodles, instant soup, monosodium glutamate (MSG), IG-enriched MSG, soup base seasonings, spices powder mix, soy sauce, canned fired gluten, Chinese style canned mixed porridge, canned drinks (of asparagus, lemon tea, peach, guava, orange, mixed fruits & vegetables, winter melon, honey herbal jelly, paochong tea, barley, etc.), Chinese style pre-cooked fast foods (in retort pouches), and mineral water in PET bottles.

Taiwan Farm lndustry Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

foods including frozen porks, processed meat, vegetarian food, Chinese salted
meat, chicken nuggets, pork hamburgers, shredded meat, dried meat, fried noodles,
canned corns, canned tuna fishes, coconut-based food products.

Laiwell Group Int`l : Noodle Manufacturers

(1) food packaging & packing containers- hinged lid boxes, soup bowls, instant noodle bowls, party supply/ supplies, party goods, party dishes, meat/ fresh trays, bakery/ cookie packaging, transparent containers, drinking cups/ lids, insulating foam cups.(2) building materials- expanded polystrene insulation boards.(3) protective packing- cushion sheets/ pipes, edge protectors, building material, protective packing.

Kuo Chang Machinery : Noodle Manufacturers

food processing equipment, food processing machinery, food processing machine company, automatic noodle making machine, whole plant equipment, food processing plant, vacuum can testers, food processing equipment automation equipment, manufacturing automation, automation system, automated manufacturing equipment, automated production system.

Shan Feng Foods Industrial Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

food products- rice noodles, oil noodles, oyster flavor noodles, grain noodles, spirulina noodles, wild yam noodles, green tea noodles, red myotonin noodles, blue-green algae noodles.

Bio Chemical Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

bath ( bathing ) accessory/ accessories, bath products- soaps, soap base, shampoo, liquid, shower gel, transparent soap base, DIY soap, facial foam. conditioner, lotion. wax, candle, transparent candle(wax), hard transparent candle(wax), chemical material, soap noodle, transparent lipstick base, base.

Tainan Food Industrial Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

food products- noodle.

Li Yang Technology Co., Ltd ( Li E Development Co., Ltd.) : Noodle Manufacturers

machinery & equipments- samples of LY metal box, standard system cabinet case rack, electronic instrument control box, bore diameter cutting machine, plastic frame controlbox, automatic ready-to-eat instant noodle machine.

Weilih Food Industrial Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

onion/ vegetarian/ beef/ jah jn flavor instant noodles.

Chine Lee Industrial Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

cookwares & kitchenwares, small houehold/ home electrical appliances, kitchen equipment, commercial kitchen equipment- pasta/ noodle makers, hot food servers, thermal/ thermo- cookers, food warmers, lunch boxes, coffee pots, food coolers, magic saver cooker.

Caddy Wave Industry Co., Ltd. : Noodle Manufacturers

household goods & plastic products- ice cream milk & yogurt/ Cheese container dessert & jelly/ food container drink & coffee/ square container pudding/ to go container/ passenger flight/ warm food/ party / season/ instant noodle cups, CD case & boxes.


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