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Herbal Medicines

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Houchoia Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd.

Taiwan pharmaceutical manufacturing company specializing in chinese traditional medicine, OTC, herbal spirit series, tea bags, external embrocation, salve, spray, liquid, and powder, health foods, medicinal herbs, herbs, natural medicine, herbal medicine, organic medicines, condensed herbal medicine powder, pellte, capsule, tablet, and pill, herbal cosmetics series, beauty cleansing lotion & cream, hair treatment.

Tian I Pharm. Co., Ltd.

We provide traditional Chinese herbal medicine, concentrated herbal powder, single or formulated powder, granule, capsule, tablet, tea bag, traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing product, concentration scientific herbal medicine, compound prescriptions pharmacopoeia, traditional medical pill, health food product, and the like.

Sheng Chun Tang Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.

western medicine, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, herbal supplement, concentrated herbal powder single or formulated, sosmetics, dietary supplement, pain relief patch, pain patch, plaster, poultices, powder, granules, capsules, pill, cream, ointment, spray, tablets, liquid, tea bag, crude slices dosage forms, traditional chinese herbal medicine, pharmaceutical manufacturing products.

Kingly Star International Technology Co., Ltd.

health care & medical equipments- (1) sports ( sporting, exercise, fitness) equipments- spinal exercisers, facial chair version, energizers, economic & luxury massage chairs, foot massagers, body care products. (2) tens & ems (ten ems) units- micro computer therapeutic apparatuses, massage systems, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators, electronic muscle stimulators, electrical stimulation. (3) digital moist heating pads. (4) herbal medicine products- marvelous waist belts, shoes cushions, ankle & elb

Changzhou Fanqun Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

spray dryers, hot air circle ovens, special ovens for medicine, spraying drying machines, sterilized spraying dryers, Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryers, belt conveyor vacuum dryers, vacuum driers, slot mixers, granulator equipments, grinding machines, pharmacy equipments.

Panbiotic Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of medical products including pharmaceuticals, drugs, herbal, cosmetics, antibiotic, tranquilizers, GMP, CGMP validation, nutrition supplements, algae, Nutrition & Hepatotonics, Nonpyrin System Antipyretics & Analgesics, Preparations for Common Cold, Nonsteroid Anti- inflammatory, Diuretics, Cerebral Metabolic Agents, Antihistamines, Hemostatics, Mucolytic Enzyme Anti- inflammatory Agents, Immunologic & Antiviral Agents Uricosurics, Drug for Atherosclerosis, External application & Ointment, Hor

Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.

taditional Chinese herb extracts, herbal medicines.

Kaiser Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Chinese medicine- Chinese herbs, herb concentrates, herbal preparations,
granules, powder, tablets, gapsules.

Koda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

medicine products including Chinese herbal extract medicines,
herbal cosmetics and herbal products.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Taiwan

health& personal care products including medicines, nurtruitions, herbal essences etc..


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