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Electric Winches

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Ningbo Lift Winch Manufacture Co., Ltd.

We provide ATV/ UTV winches, boat winches, utility winch, cars & truck winches, off-road equipments, trailer & electric winch, 2000LB (9500LB, 10000LB, 12000LB, 15000LB) winch, China & DF winches, hoists, marine and anchor winch, portable winch, 4x4 & 4WD winch, heavy duty winch, jeep & hand winch, winch accessory kits, ATV fairleads, wireless remote controls, solenoids, quick connectors, pulley blocks, bow shackles, snatch blocks, hooks, synthetic ropes, cables, winch covers, gloves, tree straps, car tract

Kings 4WD Equipment Co., Ltd.

electric winch, electric winches, x-jack, exhaust jack, hi lift jack, air compressor, hand winch, tow strap, tow hook, bow shackle, type repair kit, recovery mat, rack bag.

Ningbo Yinzhou Dongfeng Power Tool Factory

The leading products of the factory are industrial supply ( supplies), handtools ( hand tools), power tool, electric tool - (1) electric winches, hand winches, ATV winches. (2) winches accessory ( accessories)- bow shackles, ATV fairlead, quick connectors, tree trunk savers, pulley blocks, mounting plates, gloves, winch covers. (3) automotive ( automobiles, cars, vehicles) accessory ( accessories)- tire pressure pens, charging connectors, tire pressure gauges, air pressure gauge, car traction belts.

Xiamen Yongxiangfa Trading Co., Ltd.

motorcycle carburetors, tile cutters, handle suckers, hand winches, hand pullers, fittings packages, wheel loaders, electric winches, turbo-rod winches & pulleys, chain pullers.

Chuan Phang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

hard lifting equipment- (1) AC winch- electrical / compact / baby winches, electrical cable pullers.(2) consumer winch- electric trailer / utility duty / self recovery / electric recovery / ATV winches.(3) industrial winch- heavy duty DC / electric recovery / hydraulic recovery winches, heavy duty crane, lift cranes.(4) material hoists- single / double grooved.(5) DC accessory / accessories- quick connectors, battery cables, electrical connectors battery cables, solenoids, snatch blocks, hand held remote sw

Ningbo Lianda Winch Co., Ltd.

Our product series include power tools, electric tool, handtools ( hand tools)- (1) electric winches, ATV winches. (2) hand winches, hand pullers. (3) portable model drills, carry drills.

Zhejiang Metals & Minerals Imp. & Exp. Corp.

electric winch, electric winches, metals, minerals, steel tubes, light industrial products, art-crafts, textiles, garments, chemicals, medicines, machinery, equipment, electronics, instruments etc.

Taiwan Hoist And Crane Co., Ltd.

(1) various hoists, cranes, winch and accessories including E.O.T cranes,
electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, manual chain blocks, crane scales,
safety power rails, hoist push button switches, c- rail systems,
single phase hoists, dual speed hoists, special high lifting hoists
overhead traveling cranes, freight elevators.
(2) radio remote controllers.

Norwayreducer Co., Ltd.

electric winch, electric winches, R serial helical geared motor, S serial helical worm geared mortor, k serial helical bebel geared motor, F parallel helical geared motor. B, X serial cycloidal reducer, Z serial(ADY、ZLY、ZSY)cylindrical gear reducer, ZLYJ serial gear reducer apecially for plastic extruding machine, D serial(dby、dcy)bevl gear reducer, G serial small-scale geared motor, Transmission power. CNC machine.

Yongkang Hangtai Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

electric winch, electric winches, pruning shear, the entire Lei shear andhigh shear sticks, grass cutting tools, other hardware, fitness series.

Changshu Seagull Crane & Hoist Machinery Co., Ltd.

electric winch, electric winches, 0.5t-3t HHXG series, electric chain hoist, 0.5t-20t HSZ seres, geared trilleys, lifting clamps, land/marine snatch block, riggings and shackles.

Zhejiang Kaixun Lifting Mechanical Filiale Co., Ltd.

electric winch, electric winches, PA200 -PA1200KG series, electric hoist, KDJ series, KDJ-E, KDJ-E1 series, HHXG series chain electric hoist, HXS series suspending electric hoist, mini electric hoist.

Chi Zong Machine Co., Ltd.

hoisting machinery/ machine tools including mini electric winches, iron frames,
and electric chain hoists.

Wenzhou Huayang Crane Motor Co., Ltd.

electric winch, electric winches, single-phase electric hoist, speediness electric hoist, high-speed electric hoist, electric winches, hand winches and hand lifts, HGS-B series electric hoist.

Bada Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

electric winch, electric winches, mini-electric hoist.

Zhejiang United Standard Component Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

rebar cutters, electric hoist series, electric trolleies, electric winch series, standard components.


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