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There are 27 manufacturers in this Stop Valves category, the follows are 21 - 27 [Page 2]:
Listings of Stop Valves Manufacturers & Stop Valves Suppliers

Long Tai Copper Corporation : Stop Valves

copper bathroom ( bath ) accessory/ accessories, bathroom hardware- faucets, kitchen faucet, lavatory faucet, washerless, ceramic cartridge, single handle, dual handle, PPOP UP, TUB, shower, TUB & shower, spray, shower head, pressure balancing, aerator, vacuum breaker, hose, bibb, self closing, basin faucet,
shower valve, drinking water bubblers, drinking fountain, gooseneck,
tubular, spout, backsplash faucet, swing spout, brass, laundry tray
faucet, P.O. plugs, angle stops, dual out...

Goodyear Valve Works Corp. : Stop Valves

hardware, copper fittings- valve pipe fitting, valve pipe fittings, butterfly valve, butterfly valves, gate valves, ball valves, swing check valves, stop valves, globe valves, cock valves, sill cocks, BIBB cocks, male boilers, faucets, strainers, angle valves, faucet wares, OEM, Valve Manufacturers.

Daxin Technolog Co,Ltd. : Stop Valves

(1) boiler- once through/ fire tube/ hot water boiler, thermal oil heaters.(2) heater- air heating systems.(3) burner- gas/ heavy oil/ diesel oil burners.(4) hardware- pipe, welding, control valve, flange, pump, flexible tubes/ tubing, flexible metal tubing, flexible stainless steel tubing.(5) tank- daily working oil tanks.(6) water- boiler compound, dosing systems.(7) electric- temp/ pressure/ time control.(8) thermal- thermal safety/ stop/ three way control valves.(9) steam- trap.(10) insulation.

Daan-Shenn Industrial Co., Ltd. : Stop Valves

zinc bathroom hardware, plumbing- kitchenware, bathroom accessory, lavatory center faucets, center bars, single handle faucets, classic faucets, decorative faucets, kitchen deck faucets, wall mounted ( mount) faucet, tub & shower diverters, duo basket strainers, valves, plastic elevated ballcocks, flush valves, stop cocks, shower valves, sink taps, basin faucets, wall faucets, C.P. zinc handles, plastic handles, cold & hot water cocks, bath tubes, waste overflow.

Wen Sheng Fu Co., Ltd. : Stop Valves

plumbing hardware- (1) 1/4 turn ball valves, need valves. (2) angle valves & toilet water supply kits- brass angle valves, straight valves, angle stops, dual outlets, straight stop valves. (3) ice maker saddle valves, O.D. comps, diver valve swivels, brass fittings, drinking faucets, ceramic stems. (4) bathroom hardware- shower nozzles, shower arms, shower heads. (5) washing machine valves, turn ball valves.

Yen Gan Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Stop Valves

gas stove switches, valves & accessory ( accessories)- corkers, liquid switch swing stoppers, cock valves, needle valves, gate valves, cock valves, gas stove switches.

Shandong Shuangyi Group. : Stop Valves

centrifugal blowers, FRP cooling towers, blowers, ventpipes, enwinded pipes, central air-conditions' end equipments, large-scale spinning machines, pipeline butterfly valves, ball valves, stop valves, and FRP plush barges.


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