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Self Lubrication Bearing

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Champion Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

we provide metallurgy powders products & powdered metals parts, process metallurgy, powder metallurgy parts, cars parts, bicycle parts, motorcycle parts, precision machinery parts, industrial parts, hand tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, hand tools, electric appliances, locks, sport equipments, processing machines, hardware, medical equipment, self lubricating bearings, powder metallurgy mini self-lubrication bearings, powder metallurgy stainless steel parts, metal gears, powder metallurgy gear parts, po

Kong Yee Industrial Co., Ltd.

powder metallurgy ( P.M.) & powdered metal parts, cold forging, hot metal forgings, aluminum/ zinc alloy items, mandrels, metal castings, die castings for automotive ( cars, vehicles, automobile ) & motorcycle ( motorbikes ) parts, aftermarket auto parts, custom car parts, pneumatice tools parts, electric tools parts, woodworking ( wood working ) machine parts, sporting equipment, oil pressure cylinder parts, self-lubricating bearing, self lubrication bearing, stainless steel parts, sewing machine parts, se

Chainex Industrial Co., Ltd.

industrial supply ( supplies)- (1) mechanical power transmission products & components - couplings, bearings, taper lock pulleys, self locking nuts. (2) sealing elements- hydraulic packings, rubber seals, garlock oil seals, split seals, carcoseal, V & O rings, compression & gland packings, valve stem & soot blower packings, bearing isolators, heat exchanger gaskets, redi sleeves. (3) conveyor components- synthetic fiber idlers, steel pipe idlers, belt cleaners, separable roller brackets, multi-layer skirt b

Wei Fong Precision Co., Ltd.

we provide linear motion guides, miniature ( steel, thrust, carbon) ball screws ( retainers, bearings), twin parallel shaft linear guides, precision shafts, precision motion stages, LM slide bearings, clutch ( drawn cup) needle roller bearings, universal joints, self-lubrication bearings, transmission and mechanical components, couplings, X-Y tables, leader screw for printer and digital cameras.

Lien Chyal Metal Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of conveyor bearings centers, conveying shafts, conveyor bearings, precision ball bearings, ball bearing slides, ball linear slide, linear motion guides, needle bearings, adapter sleeves, linear guideways, bearing assembly, bearing components, bearing cones, pipe shafts, steel bar shafts, precise shafts, shaft couplings, metal bars, linear bearing, bearing holders, linear tracks, ball spiral shafts, precise grinding bar, sliding steel bars, shaft supporters, linear tracks, tiny steel bars, prec

B & B Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd.

self lubrication bearings, metal series, polymer series, metal-polymer series, slide shifters, needle bearings.

Tengfei Oilless Bearing Factory

self lubrication bearings, SF-1 oilless bushings, SF-2 boundary lubricated bushings, JF-800 bimetals coiled bushings, FZ steel ball retainers, JDB (500#) solid lubricated bushings, FD PTFE straps, FR PTFE soft strapped bushings, FB090 bronze bushing and sliding bushings.

Cheng Hai Oilless Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of powder metallurgy parts, including warm compacting parts, stainless parts, machinery parts, oil impregnated bearings, pump parts, locks components, auto parts, power tooling parts, hand tool parts, gears, arm assembly, sintered metal, self lubricating bearings, knitting machine parts, sewing machine parts, bike parts, fishing tackle parts.

Hefei Bolin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

self lubrication bearings, self-lubricating bearings of 3-layers, powder metal components, non-standard equipments.

Taiwan Hanyin Seiko Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of linear bearings, ball screws, linear slides, support units, slide units, linear bushings, bearings, miniature linear guides, shafting slide & linear motion guides, linear guideway, precision & precision ball bearings, specialty & self lubrication bearings, linear motion bearings, linear modules.

Al-Charm Enterprise Co., Ltd.

linear guide, linear guideway, linear bush, linear shaft, ball screw, self lubrication bearing, self lubricating bearing, positioning stage, ball transfer, glass cassette stage, coupling, clamping element, braking element, absorber, pull, knob, lever, special screw, oilless bush, cam, wear plate, iron plate, one way clutch, torque limiter, industrial coupling.

Huifeng Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

self lubrication bearings, oil bearings, iron base series, copper base series.

Jiashan HTB Slide Bearing Co., Ltd.

self lubrication bearings, double-storey series, metal series bearings.

Jiashan Composite Material Bearing Factory.

self lubrication bearings, SF-1 dry bushes, SF-1 structures.

Formily Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

self lubrication bearings, gears, mechanical components.

Zhejiang SF Oilless Bearing Co., Ltd.

self lubrication bearings, customized bushings, washers & sliding plates.

Zhejiang Yongcheng Mechanism Co., Ltd.

self lubrication bearings, crusher products series, copper watts series, since lubricants series.


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