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Linear Actuators

There are 14 manufacturers in this Linear Actuators category, the follows are 1 - 14 [Page 1]:
Listings of Linear Actuators Manufacturers & Linear Actuators Suppliers

Keen Engineering Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

Manufacturer of electronic parts & components, include potentionmeters, sensors, software designs, melody IC, speech IC, DC motor, brushless, brushed dc motor, precision machine parts and assembly, etc.

Richmeg Industry Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

Manufacturer of solenoids, open frame solenoids, permanent magnet (self holding) solenoids, small push pull solenoids, tubular solenoids, AC/ DC solenoids, rotary solenoid, low profile linear solenoid, rotary and keep solenoids, self-latching solenoid, magnetic latching solenoid, solenoid valves, flapper solenoids, AC laminates solenoid, laminated solenoids, Bistable solenoids, latching and flapper solenoids, electromagnet.

Shenzhen TCS Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd. : Linear Actuators

we provide of ( 24v, ac) dc ( vibration, gear) motors, permanent magnet alternators, magnetic solenoids, micro aquarium air pumps ( air valves), linear valves, dry ( industrial) vacuum pumps, linear electric actuators with control boxes, motor relevant appliances.

Symtek Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

(1) car electronics- TPMS ( tire pressure monitoring systems). (2) portescap miniature motors- brushless slotless DC motors, brushed DC motors, stepper motors, digital linear actuators, planetary gearheads, encoders. (3) micro motors- spindle motor ( half height type, slim type) DLP motor, stepping motors, DC motors, sled motor, tray motor. (4) DC coolers ( cooling) fans: 15mmx15mm, 20mmx20mm, 25mmx25mm, 40mm x 40mm, 50mm x 50mm, 60mm x60mm, 70mm x70mm, 80mm x 80mm, 90mm x 90mm, 120mm x 120mm.

Homei Electron Shang Hai Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

linear actuators, linear actuator, gear reducer motors, double shaft gear reducer, gear reducers, small type worm reducer, gearmotors, AC/ DC miniature gear motor, lift frequency conversion electrical motors, ac induction motor, dynamotors, marine generators, diesel generator, inverters, AC DC solenoids, worm gear linear actuators, transmission mechanism, electromagnetic cluth & brake unit, full automatic clothes hanger shaping machines.

Zhejiang Xinyi Control System Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

linear actuators, linear actuator, XY controls the series of the box and enclosure, air cylinders, electric magnetic pulse valves.

Ningbo Nakin Electronic Technology Corp. : Linear Actuators

linear actuators, diseqc motors, satellite dish motors, satellite positioners, satellite actuators, diseqc H-H mounts, diseqc positioners, digital positioners, dish actuators, bed actuators with controller, chair actuators with controller.

Haydon Linear Motors Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

linear actuators, hybrids, can stacks, rotary motors, lead screws, lead nuts, dual motion actuators, linear actuator encoders, end of stroke sensors, custom assemblies, 3D/2D cad insertable drawings.

SMAC Inc. : Linear Actuators

SMAC Inc. is a professional manufacturer of moving coil actuators, servo motor, voice coil actuator, linear actuators, linear rotary actuators, linear slider actuators, precision programmable electric actuators, X-Y stage actuators, gripper actuators, multi-axis systems &, electric cylinders actuator, replaced pneumatic cylinders, servo controllers, amplifiers, etc. SMAC manufactures precision programmable electric actuators based on moving coil technology. These actuators are unique in that force, position...

Ningbo Haomai Machinery Limited Company : Linear Actuators

linear actuators, hydraulic pallet trucks, hydraulic scissor table trucks, hydraulic lift stackers, drum loaders.

Gear Driving System Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

industry ( industrial) machine ( machinery) parts & components supply ( supplies, supplier)- actuator, linear motors, worm plastic gears, helical plastic gears, pinion plastic gears, spur plastic gears, bevel plastic gears, noise elimination gears, crown gears, belt gears, clutch & safety ( safe) gears, screw nuts, planet gears, mental gears, gear boxes ( gearboxes), linear actuator, linear motor, gear motors, BBQ ( barbecue, barbeque) rolling equipments, vending machines ( machinery, machineries) gearboxes...

Dalian Hanyin Seiko Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

linear actuator, linear actuators, linear bearing, miniture linear guide, shafting slide guide and ball screw.

Jiecang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

linear actuators, lifting columns, controllers.

Gong Yuan Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. : Linear Actuators

industrial machinery/ machines including S & H-gear reducers, worm reducers, mixers,
linear actuators, discos infinitely adjustable speed drives, and torque motors, etc.


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