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Torsion Spring

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Teng Yao Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of power spring, constant force spring, variable force spring, pre-stressed power spring, single coil & twin coils spiral brush spring, steel strip spring (flat spring), roll spring, metal spring, steel spring, volute spring, leaf spring, precision spring, stainless steel spring, custom-made spring, coil spring, extension spring, and so forth.

Jen I Spring Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of compression springs, torsion spring, extension spring, flat spring, linear spring and special shape springs, high-precision springs, metal springs, OEM, and the like.

Wercs Technology Co., Ltd.

industrial supplies & machinery equipments & tools parts- (1) screw, screws- self-tapping, self-drilling, machine, chipboard, sems, stainless steel, thread forming, taptite and socket HD cap screws. (2) bolts- hex HD, carriage, flange, T-HD, wheel and eye bolts. (3) nuts- hex, square, weld, nylon insert lock, tee, flange, wing, rivet, prevailing torque, wheel, conical and kep nuts. (4) washers- flat, spring and int/ext tooth lock washers. (5) other fasteners- pins, keys, rivets, thread rods, customer's draw

Chennq Dieen Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of automobile & motorcycle parts, springs, compression & suspension springs, torsion & double torsion springs, valve & brake shoe spring, clutch & return springs, car door lock & shock absorber springs, elevator & spiral springs, thrust springs, flat wire springs, development and design of the springs, lateral support & main support springs, throttle springs, springs for office chair, thrust & retaining rings, special moveable hook springs, ATV & large scale springs, electronic springs, iron pi

Goshen Industries,Inc.

motomobile, cars, vehicle parts including break assembly- drum brakes, caliper assemblies,
disc brake assembly. trunk torsions& stabilizers. tubes& control cables- delivery/ water
pipes, brake pipes. springs-U springs for elevators, leaf/ coiled springs. stampings- lower
arms, stamping fan shields. brake linings- brake pads/ shoes.

Algol Instrument Co., Ltd.

industrial supplies- digital force gauges, push-pull gauges, test stands, automatic load testers, automatic spring testers, torsion spring testers, endurance and abrasion wear testers, silicone rubber key switch feeling and vibration parts aligners, torque checkers, digital indicators, load cell, testing and measuring equipment, testing instruments, tension and compression, torque cell.

Zhuji Henggang Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

suspension spring, suspension springs, clutch springs, spreader springs, mould springs, motorcycle shock absorber springs, extension springs, torsion springs, printing engine springs, snaky springs, elevator leaf springs, steel sheet springs, butterfly springs, waist drum shape springs, large sized springs, decorative springs, valve springs, plane scroll springs.

Yang Min Enterprise Co., Ltd.

spring- (1) suspension springs, spring, coil springs, extension, aftermarket, fork, lowering, sport springs, ODM springs, OEM springs. (2) shock absorber, coil, mold, die, and torsion, car spring, moto springs, motorcycle springs, custom springs, automotive coil springs, KYMCO motorcycle springs, SYM motorcycle spring, YAMAHA motorcycle spring, HONDA automobile springs, BMW automobile springs.

Zhejiang Three A Spring Co., Ltd.

suspension spring, suspension springs, shock absorber springs, rectangle section mould springs, limousine suspension springs, torsion springs, coil springs, snap springs, oil seal springs.

Tyau Yang Spring Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial precision springs, furniture springs, chair spring, compression springs, extension springs, double torsion springs, battery & volute springs, flat springs & coil springs, wire formed & spring hooks, retaining rings, spring pins, cotter pins, split pins, R pin, snap pins, washers, nut springs.

Huei Shang Industrial Co.,Ltd. (HSI)

We specialize in manufacturing spring making machinery including- (1) CNC spring coiling machinery, CNC spring formers, spring grinders. (2) furnaces- electric conveyor furnaces, electric strip link belt furnaces, high velocity furnace, spiral type electric furnace, box type furnace, high temp, electric conveyor furnaces, heat treatment furnaces. (3) cooling conveyors, electrostatic air cleaners, oven & parts collector combinations, parts collectors, high speed wire pay off systems, high speed wire pay off

Shin Zu Shing Co., Ltd.

industrial supply ( supplies)- (1) springs- precision, industrial, metal, tension, torsion, compression, spring wires, battery, coil springs, compression springs, flat springs compression springs, torsion springs, intension springs. (2) presses- pressing parts, press OEM supply, stamping, pressing, forming, metal parts, forming parts, punching, metal precision stamping, metal casting, metal pressing & casting, carbon steel pressing, stainless & carbon steel stamping, stainless steel pressing, prograssive st

Chiu Yao Spring Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of springs, such as battery springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and double turn springs, communication springs, battery contact springs, spring washers, wireforms, pins, precision spring clamps, terminal sprin, isolated covers, fixture sheets, lathe assemblies, automobile parts, interrelated automobile parts.

Shung Chen Spring Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industry metal springs, compression spring, power spring, helical & extension spring, flat & volute & coil & leaf springs, custom springs, stainless steel spring, metal wire & strip spring, precision springs, constant force & torsion springs, heavy duty springs for industry machinery, special springs & leaves, sporting & medical protector springs, electric & pneumatic tools springs, spring hooks, spring clamps, forming mechanical springs.

Shanghai Mascot Spring Co., Ltd.

steel strip springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, flat springs, coiled (coil) springs, metal springs, disc springs, die springs, gas springs, wave springs, spring rings, spring pins, clips, spring washers.

Jinan Xindongyue Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

fatigue testing, universal testing machines, torsion testers, gas spring testers, spring sorting machine, piston ring testers, spring testing machines.

Accord Kev Industrial Co., Ltd.

(1) hardwares including compression/ torsion/ battery/ magazine/ tension/ extension/ oil seal
springs, wire form parts.
(2) machinery, machine equipment- CNC automatic machines for making springs including
strip and wire forming makers, full automatic compression coiling machine, high speed
ring making machine, conveyor electric tempering furnaces, floor wire feeders, tension
making machine, computer spring forming machine.

Spring Ming Co., Ltd.

machinery equipments including camless multi function formers,
CNC versatile/ torsion spring formers, camless/ CNC/ garter
spring coilers, spring ends grinders, CNC single point formers,
CNC spring generators, wire/ strip forming machines, wire
straightening& cutting machines.

Jiou Jou Machinery Co., Ltd.

springs products- spring, compression spring, torsion springs, extension spring, helical springs, metal spring, precision springs, spring factory, spring manufacturing, spring hardware, spring band, shackles, custom springs.

Jen I Spring Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of compression springs, torsion spring, extension spring, flat spring, linear spring and special shape springs, high-precision springs, metal springs, OEM, and the like.


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