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Vacuum Metallizers

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Ming Song Vacuum Metallizing Co., Ltd.

vacuum aluminum ( aluminium) plated film products- hot stamping foils, PET lamination ( laminating, laminator, laminated) films, holographic hot stamping ( transferring, lamination) film, PVC ( plastic) films, packaging ( package, packaged) materials, wrapping ( packed, pack, packing) papers, OPP lamination films, PET decoration & label & parting films, metallic films, hot stamping foil, laminated films, hologram films, vacuum metallizers.

Chengdu Weite Nanguang Technologies Limited.

vacuum metallizers, box vacuum coating machines, vacuum coating equipment, various kinds of vacuum industrial furnace, air exhaust equipments, vacuum machine sets.

Mikrouna (China) Co., Ltd.

vacuum metallizers, High vacuum deposition systems, OLED equipments, LED/HID lighting production lines, auto Xenon HID conversion kits, genenal glove boxes.

Shanghai Fudi High Technology Co., Ltd.

vacuum metallizers, high speed electronic engraving machines, marking machines, gilding machines, electroforming machines, scutcheon machines, plating machines, metal variegation machines, copper (steel ) print machines, polishing machines, aluminum oxidation coloring samples, essence of chicken machines, nanotechnology combs, pop-drinks, ultrasonic moist-lamps.

Yantai Shinyou Precision Co., Ltd.

vacuum metallizers, crystal inspection systems, base coaters, final coating machines, manu leads cutting machines, manu shell cutting machines, auto leads cutting machines.

Beijing Technol Science Co., Ltd.

vacuum metallizers, nonstandard vacuum equipment series, VTHK350 series vacuum annealing furnaces, TGP series multi-arc coating machines, TEMD series electron beam optical coating machines, TCWS series water cooling & recycling machines, JCP800 multi-target magnetron sputtering series, standard glove boxes, OLED device fabrication systems, JPCD series plasma cleaning machines, ZHD450 series evaporation coating machines, JGCq600 series coronary-like coating machines, mechanical machining.

Dahyoung Vacuum Technical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of vacuum processing equipment, including vacuum metallizer, roller coater, flexible electronics, web coater, vacuum coating machines, parts and components, batch metallizer, multi-layer vacuum coaters, roll to roll metallizer, E-bean gun, vacuum pumps and other vacuum associate products, dahyoung vacuum metallizer and DYC-BSD batch metallizer, darly metallizer and coaters.

Helix Technology Inc., Ltd.

(1) hand tools- cutting tools & coating centers, milling cutters.
(2) packing equipments- vacuum equipments, sputter systems, evaporators, stamper metallizers,
reactive ion etching system, IC package plasma cleaners, and barrel etchers.

Longkou Bite Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

vacuum metallizers, vacuum ion coating machines, vacuum equipments, plating equipments, injecting equipments.

Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co., Ltd.

vacuum metallizers, multi arc ion coating machines, optical lens coating machines, chamber vacuum coating machines, vacuum coating machines, PPR pipe extrusion lines, polyethylene pipe extrusion lines.

Xiangtan City Xiangta Boiler and Pressure Vessel Co. Ltd.

vacuum metallizers, vacuum coating equipments, ITO equipments, low-E equipments, multi-ARC equipments, solar equipments.


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