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Lapping Machines

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Best Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

industrial ( industry) tools, diamond tools & blades- (1) PCD & PCBN turning tools, diamond tools & blades, metal bonded diamond tools, CBN internal grinding tools, ultrasonic lapping machines ( machinery, machineries), ceramic fiber stones. (2) mounted points, oil polishing stones. (3) air ( pneumatic) grinders & lappers. (4) electric ( electrical, electronic) tools- power controllers, straight rotary handpieces, hand ( handy) chamfering machines.

Weilly Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

diamond wire- drawing dies, polycrystalline diamond dies,
tinning dies, nipple dies, shaped diamond dies,
guide dies, stranding dies, compressing dies,
ultrasonic machines, synthetic diamond dies, squire dies,
rectangular dies, hexagonal dies, diamond extrusion dies,
diamond dies, microscopes, wire lapping machines,
diamond dies for pipe, diamond extrusion dies for ceramic rod,
diamond powder.

Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Work Co., Ltd.

spiral bevel gears, CNC gear pointing machines, CNC spiral bevel gear generators, spiral bevel gear lapping machines and other auxiliary equipments.

Sulistron Enterprise Ltd.

(1) steel press plate for PCB, FPC, CCL.
(2) stainless Alloy carrier plate TopPlate for PCB,FPC,CCL.
(3) Aluminum alloy press plates & carrier /top plate for PCB factory.
(4) Fixture Board ( top and bottom plate )of Pin Lamination process for PCB, FPC.
(5) PCB equipment- belt sanders especially for PCB.
(6) Wet type for flat steel plate surface grinding and polishing machinery.
(6) Pre Lapping Fixity Welding(Bonding) machines for multi-layer PCB.

Chenyang Non-woven Fabric Equipment Co., Ltd.

nonwoven machines, non woven fabric equipments, air pressure cotton supplying machines, high speed lapping machines.

Jing Yan Enterprise Co.

grinding machines, surface grinders, polishing machines, metal polishers, multi blade cutting machines, cutters, lapping machines, lappers, optical parts, used machine purchase and sales.

Jeng Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

machinery & equipments- single/ double side lapping polishing machines, diamond slurry( abrasive) auto spray systems, bonding systems.


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