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Car Care Manufacturers

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New Port Enterprises Co., Ltd.

animal& pet care products- aquarium& pet accessories
including flake/ pellet fish foods.

Tige Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

care supply- hardware, automobile maintenance products & RV recreational vehicle accessory- waxing & washing aid car wax, air fresheners, repair & reatment aid, body wax, car wash, protectant & cleaner, windshield care, RV ( recreational vehicle accessory) protective wax, water block & newing hard & UV ( Ultraviolet ) block wax, kizz clear, color up, fusso 99, white super & hanneri & quick one wax, geki shampoo, boby natural clear car shampoo, wash & resin coat, wax sponge, wipers, clean wiper, wipe cloth,

Heshi Automobile Tools Co., Ltd.

tire testing machine, tire testing machines, manual operated tools, testing meters, cold air meter valves, tyre tending and protecting, automobile beauty care, pneumatic joints, tool sockets.

Shenzhen Splendor Industry Co., Ltd.

metal bonding, silicone cartridges, aluminum films for silicone-sausage packing, silicone sealants, car care products, spray paint, empty cartridges, aluminum tubes, car care products.

Niche Kenma Co., Ltd.

stone processing materials including abrasives, granites, polishing, diamond tools,
stone care products.

Fong Perng International Corp.

(1) harness hardwares& plastic products including chains, ropes accessories,
snaps, hooks, buckles, dees, rings, clips, straps chapes, etc. (2) pet
care products( gloves, combs/ brushes, etc.).

Sundeal Enterprise Corp.

(1) vehicles, cars, automobiles accessories- car care chemicals
including automotive chemicals, cleaning supplies, detergents, waxes, polishes.
(2) household goods including air fresheners, ornamentations.
(3) computer peripherals- screen shields.


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