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Copy Holders

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Micro Galaxy International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of PC peripherals & parts (accessories)include (1) CDR, CD rom, CD RW media, blank CDR DVDR & replication & media, CDR copy DVD, notebook computers, DVDR, drives, VoIP service & solutions, cell phones accessories, digital picture frames, LCD monitors & televisions, plasma TV, CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, drives, CD & CDR holders, two fold mo & disk wallets. (2) handsfree audio video systems, Bluetooth audio video systems.

Well Join Industry Co., Ltd.

(1) PC peripheral, networking products, computer accessory ( accessories)- book size personal computers ( PC), SDRAM module, net LAN cards, switching hubs, POS system, PCI sound cards, TFT LCD display monitors, workstation, DRAM & memory modules, CCD & laser scanners, print servers, keyboards, receipt printers, slot readers, internet cards, mouse pads, storage & tools, copy holders, screen filters. (2) housewares, kitchenware, commercial kitchen equipments- gourmet kitchen gadgets, wine coolers, bar items,

Taiwan Advance Plastic Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

plastic products including clear holders, display books,
plastic files, CD& disk holders, expanding files,
carry bags, copysafe pockets, clip boards, self-
adhesive pockets, card cases, clear cases, name
badge, easel files, rotary files, photo albums.

Sheng Fwu Industrial Co., Ltd.

computer products & PC peripheral, computer accessory ( accessories)- (1) filters- CD & CRT filters, notebook filters, keyboard drawers, CPU stands, copy holders, CD & disk boxes, mouse holders, phone stands, monitor shelf ( shelves), mouse pads, mouse, multimedia, gel mouse pads, keyboards, CD bags. (2) plastics, aromatic purify lamps & oil- aromatic purify lamps, water soluble essential oil. (3) stationery- pencil bags, gifts, manicure sets, jewelery ceramic cases, ceramic decoration, body beauty.

World Ongly Enterprise Co., Ltd.

(1) stationery& office supplies- stationery box, clear file,
computer& clamp binder, expanding files, K/ D magazine file,
picture case, plastic paper tray, handy car, document case& bag,
pencile case, name car holder, photo album, clear holder, book albel& ruler,
clipboard, PVC clipboard holder, report cover, plastic envelope, exclusive& art clipboards,
(2) telephone stands.(3) computer accessories- keyboard operating set,
pro CD rack, CD- row storage box, mouse pad&

Hitexdata Co., Ltd.

computer & PC peripheral, accessory (accessories), telephone accessory (accessories) - privacy screen filters, LCD monitor filters, notebook ( NB, laptop) screen filters, antistatic antireflection filters, CD wallets, dust covers, monitor arms, gel mouse pads, CD boxes ( cases), copy & paper holders, CD cleaners, media drawers, mouse holders, CD banks, telephone arms, purpose organizers, CD towers.

Handsfull Enterprise Co., Ltd.

computer & office accessories- media box& case, mouse holder, media
storage, CD wallet, copy holder, screen filter, keyboard drawer, mouse
holder, keyboard keypad, mouse pad, optical storage media, cleaning
kit, monitor arm, telephone stand, keyboard arm, other accessory,
CD tower, CD rack, disk case, cable manager, foot rest, dust cover.

Some Chances Industrial Co., Ltd.

(1) clearning commodity- rapid dry activated clearning clothes, clearning brush.
(2) garden tools- multi- usage hose sprinkler, garden water sprinklers.
(3) computer peripheral, accessoires- otical glass crt filter( multi- funtion screen),
filter with copy holder, mouse holder, CD holder.
(4) office supplies- organizer stand.(5) DIY handicraft art products,
wooden stick for ice cream bar, gift, giftware, and home appliance etc..

Kuo Ching TechnologyCo., Ltd.

PC/ computer accessory including mouse pads, diskette storage, printer stand, floppy
accessory, CPU coolers, keyboard drawers, monitor arms, monitor filters, dust cover,
tool kits, copy holders, CD storaage, cleaning kits, microphones, data switches,
converters, mini boxes, gender changer & adaptors/adapters, cables, networking accessory,
crimping tools.

Fast Channel Co., Ltd.

computer components& peripherals including CD laser lens cleaners, PC cables & cable
assemblies, keyboard drawers, PC security kits, concentrators/ hubs, copy holders,
desktop& tower cases, disk/ diskette holders & boxes, external enclosures, graphics/
accelerator cards, HDD( hard disk) coolers, headphones& microphones, ink cartridges.

Sallas Industrial Co., Ltd

computer accessories- keyboard drawers, keyboard trays & mouse trays support mechanisms, adjustable keyboard
arms, monitor stand, CRT monitor arm flat panel display arms, copy holder,
printer stand, telephone stand, CPU stand, filing cabinet, media storage box
as well as workstations.

Shanghai ACTTO Corp.

mouse mats, desks, multi filters, copy holders, notebook accessories, mousse, keyboards, USBs, cables, mouse pads, wrist holders, office supplies, game accessories.

Diwei Co.,Ltd

ergonomic computer furniture, computer office furnitures, telephone arm, copy holder, LCD arm, CD storage,
printer & monitor organizers, CD boxes, ergonomic office supply, home computer furniture.

Jogift Enterprise Corp.

handcrafted ornaments& decorations products, wooden artifacts,
handicraft, giftware items- characterized dolls, leather dolls, leather
products, photo frames, mirror frames, picture frames, key chains,
clown magnet clip, balloon circus clown, copy/ memo holders, christmas
decoration products.

Pen King Industrial Co., Ltd.

electronic products, stationery, gifts ( giftware, giftaway), souvenirs, premium, promotion ( promotional) & novelty products- digital camera pens, DIY sticker pens, flashing necklace pens, lottery flashing pen (without sound type,with sound type), magic holders, pen stands, copy holders, paperweight, magic grabbers, 2 in 1 thermometer pens, digital thermometer pens, story book water color pens, story book sharpener, story book pens, aroma pens, six side message pens, pen boxes, plastic pens, keychain light

Pen King Industrial Co., Ltd.

copy holders, dashboard gadgets & accessories, keychains, pens/ pen sets, etc...

Union Genius Computer Co., Ltd

computer peripherals and accessories including
mousepad, notebook copy holder, CRT glass adjustable filter,
start kits in CD case, CD wallet,
telephone cable coil, ISDN cable coil, 4-port USB hub,
7-port USB hub adapter for ISA/ PCI bus BUS.


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