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There are 40 manufacturers in this Paper Plates category, the follows are 21 - 40 [Page 2]:
Listings of Paper Plates Manufacturers & Paper Plates Suppliers

Jinan YemingLiang Technology Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

Our products are mainly used in traffic, environmental protection,construction and garments etc. reflective products: high refractive glass bead (nd1.93.2.2), reflective ink, reflective paper, reflective film, reflective garments, reflective patterns etc. photoluminescent products: photoluminescent powder (yellow-green, blue-green and blue); photoluminescent plate and photoluminescent art and craft.

Bio-East Technology Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

chemical analyze instruments, apparatus & laboratory equipments- (1) bio imaging systems- gel documentation systems, multi fluorescence chemiluminescence imaging stations, UV trans illuminators, white light boxes, 1D & 2D gel analysis software. (2) in vivo gene & drug delivery systems- electroporators, sonoporators, electro cell fusion generators, embryo micro surgery tools, ultra sound microscopy. (3) electrophoresis apparatuses- horizontal & vertical electrophoresis tanks, TGGE temperature gradient gel el...

Evco Trading Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

(1) tableware- mortar, pestle, napkin holder, lazy susan, cheese slicer, cutting board, round trivet, dinner plate rack, marble product(2) kitchenware- whistling tea kettle, stainless steel tea kettles, folding dish, tier storage racks, cutlery tray, serveware caddy, paper towel, heavy gauge dish, pizza set, heart basket, wine butler. (3) housewares & home supply ( supplies )- bath tote, bottle wine rack, banana tree, wall table, serving cart, wall mirror, nesting table set, champagne marble name card and l...

Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

packing and packaging related machinery, waste, paper recycle machines- (1) automatic baling press machine- recycling collectors, corrugated carton & cultural paper makers machines, box making machine, automatic waste plastic dewater baling press machine, bailing equipment, binder manufacturer, paper converting machine, industrial paper shredder, corrugated paperboard shredder machine. (2) automatic vertical waste baling press machine. (3) shredder, waste corrugated paperboard carton box, safety switch. (4)...

Hongia Industry Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

super abrasives& diamond tools including sintered, resinoid,
electroplated diamond& CBN tool, mounted points, diamond& CBN mounted
contour tools, diamond dental burs, laboratory dental tools,
diamond saw blades, diamond& CBN wheels, diamond drills, dressers,
turning tools, len periphery diamond grinding wheels, diamond files&
diamond nail files, diamond compound, diamond plated paper& wheels,
diamond powder, formed wheels for marble profilling, diamond plated stone ...

Nanofiber Tech., Inc. : Paper Plates

Manufacture of home & kitchen supplies and packaging materials & equipments include (1) eco-friendly food packaging- eco packaging, eco lid, eco friendly hot cup, eco food container, eco tableware, DCI eco cup, corn cup eco product. (2) biodegradable food packaging- biodegradable (eco product, packaging product, coffee cup, tableware, food container, bowl, hot cup, paper cup, plate, take out container, food tray, foam packaging, styrofoam cup, food box). (3) compostable food packaging- compostable cup, kitc...

J.A.B. Marble Industrial Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

marble products for
(1) kitchenwares- rolling pin, S/P set, cheese board, knife, mortar&
(2) housewares- candle holder, towel holder, ashtray, coaster set.
(3) tablewares- book end, name plate, photo frame, clock, paperweight,
decoration, promotional& gift items- pen stand, pen, clock, chess
board, vase & urn for cemetery.

Shanghai Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

sanding belts, sanding bands, sanding paper discs, abrasive materials, grinding tools ( ceramic abnormal grinding wheel, grinding head, grinding brick, ultrathin abrasive cutting wheels, grinding circles, abrasive papers, grinding plates, antislip tapes, mesh adhesive cloths, various nonstandard grinding materials); grinding and polishing kits( grinding head kit & DIY kit).

Shanghai Zhanhong Machinery Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

PP thin sheet machineries, PP thick sheet making machines, packaging machines, plastic sheet extrusion machines, thermoforming machines and filling machines, thermoforming machines, cup printing machines, paper meal box machines, cake tray forming machines, bottle blowing machines, lid printing machines, paper barrel machines, paper bowl machines, paper plate machines.

Konzern Laser Precision Co. Ltd. : Paper Plates

(1) laser precision cutting products- metal and non- metal laser cutting, tube cutting, stamping,
shaping, hardware, mechanical parts, folding machines, advertisement fonts.
(2) manufacturing knife- dies for paper ware, packing, and electronics.
(3) material processing and product processing( cutting)
of iron plate and stainless steel plate.

Yow Hsing Machiner Co.,Ltd. : Paper Plates

Manufacturer of high-frequency automatic tube making machine, forming machinery, two way uncoiler, steel pipe end trimming machine, steel tube forming machines, rollers, automatic steel plates, pipe sizing machines, paper tube machines, tube end finishing, tube benders, pipe bending machine, pipe cutters.

Hi Shi Ron Industries Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

engineering plastics-
(1) semi-finished products- plastic rod, sheet, tube & pipe made of
(2) machine parts for beverage and packaging industries.
(3) filter plate, filter cloth for waste water treatment.
(4) suction box cover and dewatering components for pulp and paper
(5) heavy duty working bench, punch board for industries.

Jiangsu Linuo Decoration Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

compound plates, aluminum-plastic board series, color group-plastic boards, polyester aluminum-plastic boards, FL carbon aluminum-plastic boards, draw bench aluminum-plastic boards, melamine impregnated papers, decorating papers, wear-resisting papers, balance papers.

Chi Ping Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

we provide car spoilers, car bumpers, flexible containers, plastic chairs and tables, anti glare plate, provisional lavatory, tissue paper fram, washing basin.

Longxing Company : Paper Plates

plastic containers, moulds, sheet materials, paper containers, printing plates, the special printing on cups.

Huang Guan Special Printery Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

disposable paper products- (1) paper luch boxes. (2) paper cups- coffee & beverage cups, beverage cup, soup cups & covers. (3) other products- paper bowls, french fried & popcorn boxes, paper meal & round plates.

Peak Maker Union International Co., Ltd. : Paper Plates

durable heat transfer mats, DIY toys mats, heat transfer, licensed, new developed toys, Disney paper cup & plate.

Just Only Environment Protection Co. Ltd. : Paper Plates

food packaging, packaging supply, industrial packaging, tableware, paper plate, bowl, cup, pulp mold plant.

CHAO YUON CO., LTD. : Paper Plates

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing wire shelving, metal furniture, related hardware and OEM/ODM products-
1. Cabinet and Drawer.
2. Clothes Storage.
3. Computer Desk.
4. Kitchenware series- Kitchen Rack, Serving cart and Trolley and Wine Rack.
5. Multifunctional Rack.
6. Punching boards shelving.
7. Shoes and umbrella rack.
8. Stackable drawer system.
9. Wire shelving series.
10. Working cart.
11. Related accessories...

Keyeast Asia Limited : Paper Plates

Manufacturer of pewter gift items, such as jewelry boxes, custom-made gift boxes, gift cases, decorative music boxes, wine glasses, perfume bottles, candle holders, bottle stoppers, photo frames, napkin rings, napkin & menu holders, cheese & butter knives, exquisite plates, name card holders, letter openers, key rings, wine stirrers, magnifying lens, paperweight, cosmetics mirrors, necklaces, brooch, clock decorations, metal crafts, carousels, shoes decoration and other pewter items.


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