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In Mold Labels

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Wenlung Printing Industry Co., Ltd.

office supplies, roll label printing, in mold labels, cartoon sticker, stationary, computer labels, film printing, Hualee office series, private self adhesive label, color reinforcement, removable labels, labels for copy machines, foul up mark, suspension tag, exported product labels, fluourescent color label, correction tape, satin ribbon labels, plastic containers.

Patented Products Inc. Co. Ltd.

marketing, search and sales of patented products- patent attorney,
swiss army pen, gear station, pocket tool adapter, popular screwdriver
bits, stainless steel connector and a geared ratchet, craftmaster,
leatherman, anticounterfeit, counterfeit label, security badge,
security sticker, security label, mold, gear station, inventions,
plastic injection, pen detector, fake bill detector, encryption,
engraving plate, concave, optical variable ink, facture, gadgets,

Fu Di Plastics Co., Ltd.

affluent plastic packaging materials- (1) shrink ( shrinkable) labels, shrink label, shrink film, shrink packaging films - PVC high contraction labels, PET & OPS environmental contracting labels, PE thermal contracting films, forming covers, contracting ( contracted) covers and plastics sealed, sealing bags, plastic bag (2) OPP, PEPA & BOPP labels. (3) in mold ( in-mold, inmold) labels. (4) heat transfer films, film transfer. (5) automatic shrink sleeve machines ( machinery, machineries), plastic film subst


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