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There are 68 manufacturers in this Smart Card Manufacturers category, the follows are 21 - 40 [Page 2]:
Listings of Smart Card Manufacturers Manufacturers & Smart Card Manufacturers Suppliers

Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

electrical connections- (1) cable assembly ( assemblies)-RF coaxial cable assemblies, USB cable assemblies, SATA cable assembly, power cable assembly, wire harness, wiring harnesses, infiniband 4x/8x/12x cable assembly. (2) electrical connectors- board to board connectors, wire to board connectors, Serial ATA connector, ODD connectors, SAS connector, LVDS connectors, backplane connectors, friction headers, compression header, shrouded headers, PCB connectors, USB & mini USB connector, media bay connector, D...

Golobemaster Technologies Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

Offering more than 200 kinds of products and creating 30 new products annually to meet your needs (1) card connectors- 1.8 inch HDD, adapter ( adaptors) cards, all in one cards, memory cards, CF & MS cards, SD & SM cards, smart cards, TF & XD cards. (2) electronic connectors- 1394 connectors, mini USB connectors & adapters, USB connecters. (3) DC jack, earphone ( ear phone) jacks, RCA & scart jacks. (4) USB cables, cable assembly ( assemblies). (5) temperature controller ( controls).

KingFont Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

Manufacturer of electronic connector including USB connector, board to board connectors, memory card connectors, SIM card connectors, smart card connector, card edge connectors, SD card connector, FPC connectors, IO connector, SMT type connectors.

WinWin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

Manufacturer of electric parts- (1) electrical connectors and plugs- ATA and SATA connectors, PCI Express connectors, eSATA connectors, adapter connectors, computer connectors, R/A and SMT connectors, HDMI connectors, board to board connectors, AM2 retention mechanism, card edge connectors, slim low profile PCI series, DIN 41612 connectors, power 4 pins, SCSI and SCSI2 connectors, IDC connectors, USB connectors, IEEE 1394 connectors and plugs, combo connectors 2 in 1 H/D X-box connectors, ATX power and dis...

WiseLink Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

computer & PC peripheral- (1) USB cable, USB cables & assembly- computer cable & Connectors, USB control cableS, USB extension & data cable, mini USB cableS, digital camera & USB AB cableS, USB to USB cableS, cell phone USB cableS, retractable USB cables, USB data transfer cables, belkin USB cables, USB file transfer cables. (2) USB hub, USB hubs- 4 ( 5, 6, 7, 8) port USB hubs, multi port USB hubs, powered USB hub, belkin USB hubs, mouse pad & USB port hubs, computer hub, Internal & Ethernet & Network hubs,...

Richbase Computer Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

computer & PC peripheral- (1) computer keyboards- hubless & wireless keyboards, calculator & streamline & multimedia keyboards, compact size keyboards, mini & USB keyboards, custom-made & laptop & portable keyboards, iMac & terminal & speaker keyboards, luminescent USB keyboards, smart & memory card reading keyboards, wireless combo kits, PSII compatible keyboards. (2) computer mouse- 3D & mini optical mouse, wireless optical mouse & transparent mouse. (3) numeric keypads- smart calculator & ultra-slim keyp...

World Sky Infotech Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

Computer & PC ( Personal Computer) Peripheral & Accessory ( Accessories)-

1. Enclosure- USB2.0 Enclosure, Smart Disks, NewSmart Casing, Aluminum Enclosure. SATA Enclosure, External SATA Enclosure, RAID, SATA HDD Enclosure, Enclosure, 2.5 inch HDD Enclosure, 3.5 inch HDD Enclosure, Back Up Enclosure, External Enclosure, HDD Enclosure, IDE/SATA HDD Enclosure, Dual eSATA RAID Enclosure.

2. Memory Card readers, All in 1 Card Reader,Multi Card Reader, Card Reader, SDHC Card Reader, SDHC R...

Hotway Technology Corp. : Smart Card Manufacturers

(1) card reader- USB 2.0 card reader, 7 in 1 card reader, 8 in 1 card reader, compact flash card reader, SD card reader, secure digital card reader, SM card reader, smart media card reader, memory stick card reader, ms card reader, MS PRO card reader, MMC card reader, MS PRO card reader, MD Card Reader.(2) digital camera, multi- media, multi- card, multi- slot, memory card. (3) 2.5”/ 3.5”external enclosure, enclosure external hdd, external hard drive enclosure, external usb enclosure. (3) hub- usb hub, us...

Lead Data Inc. : Smart Card Manufacturers

CD-R/ CD-RW, DVD-R / DVD-RAM/ DVD-RW/ DVD+RW, 8cm CD-R, photo glossy paper, business card CD-R, Inject photo paper, memory card, compactflash card, compactflash, CF Card, smartmedia, SM card, PC card, CFA, card reader, USB, IEEE 1394, firewire, PCI interface.

David Electronics Company Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

electrical connector, cable assembly, electrical cable assembly, smart card connectors, cardbus frame kit, cardbus connector, compact flash frame kit, Memory card connector, wire harness,USB, mini- USB, IEEE- 1394 connector & cable, patch cord, LAN cable, Dvi cable, SCSI- cable, RGB cable, Cisco router cable, DC-power cable, serial ATA, pin header, box header & socket, flat cable.

Pretect Corporation : Smart Card Manufacturers

(1) multimedia- video capture PC card, MPEG PC card, scan converter PC card
(2) digital cameras (3) Compact I/O- Compact modem card, LAN card, SCSI card, IDE card
(3) memory/ storage- CompactFlash memory PC card( digital film card )
, smartmedia card, SRAM memory PC card,
linearflash memory PC card, mini IDE flash drive, miniature card.

Kingmax Technology Inc. : Smart Card Manufacturers

memory upgrades and PC cards, for most PCs, workstations, notebooks and
printers.(1) data communication- ethernet 10Base + 56K(V.90) fax modem
(2) data storage- SRAM, Flash, compactFlash card, smartMedia card,
miniature card.(3) multimedia- ZV-DVD PC card, video conference card, deo conference +
MPEG.(4) networking products- ethernet LAN card, 10/ 100Mbps ethernet
cardBus LAN, wireless LAN card.

Quickchip Technology Inc. : Smart Card Manufacturers

various kinds of computer peripherals including compact flash, smart media, pcmcia adapters, USB card readers, USB flash drive, PC memory, etc.

AnMo Semiconductor Corporation : Smart Card Manufacturers

(1)image- digital still camera, analog image module, mini PC-camera
module, web cam.
(2)memory- DRAM module, compact flash card, smart media card, multi
media card, secured digital card, USB card reader, pen drive.
(3)ASIC design.

Kingmax Technology Inc. : Smart Card Manufacturers

computer peripherals including PC cards, DRAM, compact flash cards, smart media cards, ATA flash
cards, SRAM cards, flash cards etc..

Power Digital Communications Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

electronics products& computer peripherals including compact flash
storage cards, smart cards, combi cards, memory cards, I- phones,
portable handsets, mobile phones, tele- communication products.

Good Way Industrial Co., Ltd. : Smart Card Manufacturers

KVM switch, card compact flash & SmartMedia card reader/ writer,
docking station, USB peripherals, IEEE 1394 peripherals, USB hub, PCI
card, repeater, TV converter, SCSI, RGB, computer cables, network
cables, cables, hubs, adaptors, connectors, VESA EVC I/O connector
system, CAT.5 system, GEO/ serial switch box for Macintosh, PowerBook
display monitor adaptor cables, AC power cords, TFT LCD display cable&
adaptor, CD-ROM audio cable, CISCO cable, LAN cable, PCMCIA S...

A-Tec Subsystem Inc. : Smart Card Manufacturers

(1) single and multi-bay external enclosure and subsystem for
CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, HDD, MO, LS-120 and ZIP drive.
(2) compactFlash/ smartmedia memory card reader for digital camera,
palmtop PC, MP3 player and digital voice recorder.
(3) USB HUB, parallel to USB data switch, USB to USB Link cable
and USB to USB Lan cable.

Bobtek Electronics Corp. : Smart Card Manufacturers

computer & PC peripheral, network devices & accessory- (1) enclosures- soho ( SOHO) USB2.0 enclosure, smart disks, new smart casing, aluminum ( aluminium) enclosures. (2) memory card readers- USB 1.1 & 2.0 multi & single slot readers & writers. (3) USB 2.0 hubs & 1394 repeaters- mini KVM, docking stations. (4) FDD ( floppy disk drive)- Mitsumi USB floppy disk drives, USB floppy ( floppies). (5) flash drives- intelligent sticks, PQI I stick USB2.0 ( 128MB & 256MB), A data USB 2.0 128MB flash drives, tiny dri...

PC2 Global Company : Smart Card Manufacturers

Manufacturer of cable lock, cable & twin cable locks, screw & computer case locks, server & notebook cable lock, desktop & laptop locks, multifunctional notebook & PC locks, screw & computer case locks, dial cable lock, server & notebook cable lock, desktop & laptop locks, multifunctional notebook & PC locks, computer & PC peripheral & accessory, USB cable connecters, multimedia controllers, USB audio controls, USB flash disks, disk drive flash, multimedia mouse pads, artificial suede, wooden board staple g...


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