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WinWin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.


WinWin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electric parts- (1) electrical connectors and plugs- ATA and SATA connectors, PCI Express connectors, eSATA connectors, adapter connectors, computer connectors, R/A and SMT connectors, HDMI connectors, board to board connectors, AM2 retention mechanism, card edge connectors, slim low profile PCI series, DIN 41612 connectors, power 4 pins, SCSI and SCSI2 connectors, IDC connectors, USB connectors, IEEE 1394 connectors and plugs, combo connectors 2 in 1 H/D X-box connectors, ATX power and disk drive power connectors, pin header connectors, fiber connectors, DIP switch connectors, Solt connectors, PCI connectors, Hibh-density card edge connectors, AGP and UAGP Retainers, mobile phone connectors, FPC/ ZIF FPC connectors, mini jumper connectors, D-Sub connectors, battery housings, smart card connector, telecom connector, XBox connectors, heat sink holders, DDR3 and DDR2 Sodimm memory connector, PC104 connectors, FO patch cords, industrial fiber optic patch cords, right angle connectors, TF card readers, micro SD card readers, connector covers. (2) X Box headers, wafers, battery holders, MINI / phone jacks, mini and power din jacks, audio & earphone jacks. (3) SOJ/ OJ/ PLCC/ IC sockets, zero insertion force sockets, RIMM/ DIMM sockets, sIMM sockets, IC sockets, ZIF sockets and holders, memory sockets, DDR3 ( DDR, DDR2, FB-DIMM) and CPU sockets. (4) slot card adaptors, DDR adaptors, fiber toslink, D SUB, IC and PLCC sockets, mini jumpers, DIP switches, mini PCI, VRM and ISA slots, CNR and MCA slots.

Win Win precision Industrial Corporation, Ltd. was established in 1979 in Taiwan. Applying the company philosophy of innovation, harmonious, quality, and service, Win Win continuously growned quickly, and expanded its scale step by step. Win Win has invested to establish the china subsidiary companies and Hong Kong agent. Win Win has aggressive research and development team and precious manufacture technology, and Win Win specialized in manufacture of connectors for notebook computer, personal computer and mobile electronic device. Win Win provides reliable products and service for global first class computer, communication, and consumer electronic manufacturers. Win Win hold the talent's internationalization and talent's localization human resource strategy and positively implement advanced management systems. Win Win respect and protect the intelligent property and successfully registered patents in the USA, Japan, Taiwan and China. Win Win bind customer, company and staff's interests together, and realize win-win situation. In the future, Win Win will devote to research and manufacture the connector of notebook computer, digital cameral, personal computer, mobile phone .etc. Win Win will get the world first class precious connector manufacture.
Categories:   SD Card Connectors   SMT Connectors   Memory Card Adapters   CF Cards   CPU Cards   Heatsink Manufacturer   USB Serial Adapters   Memory Card Readers   Smart Cards Readers   USB Card Readers   IEEE 1394 Cards   Slot CPU Cards   USB PCI Cards   USB PCMCIA   Industrial PC   Industrial PCs   IEEE 1394   Micro SD Cards   SD Cards   SD Memory Cards   Cpu Heat Sinks   Board To Board Connectors   DVI Connectors   Fiber Optic Connectors   FPC Connectors   HDMI Connectors   Memory Card Connectors   Miniature Connector   PCI Connectors   Pin Connectors   SAS Connectors   Sim Card Connectors   Smart Card Connector   Wire To Board Connectors   ZIF Connectors   CPU Socket Manufacturers   Dimm Sockets   Din Jacks   Earphone Jacks   IC Sockets   IDC Sockets   Phone Sockets   PLCC Sockets   Plug Inserts   SIMM Sockets   SMT Sockets   Fiber Optic Patch Cord   USB Connector Manufacturer   Battery Boxes   Battery Holders   DIP Switches   Miniature Switches   Switch Covers   DVI Adapters   Fiber Optic Adapters   HDMI Adapters   PCMCIA Adapters   Socket Adapters   SCSI Adaptors   Switch Boxes   CPU Holders   Fiber Patch Cords   Memo Holders   Smart Card Manufacturers   Mobile Phone Connectors   Mobile Phone Holders   SIM Cards   Mobile Phone Covers
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Roman Yu
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