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Contactless Cards

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Wingsafe Technology Inc.

safety & security products- (1) indoor & outdoor electromagnetic locks, electrical locks & accessory ( accessories), shear locks, door locks, strike locks, electric bolt locks, waterproof electromagnetic locks. (2) contanct less card readers- EM thick cards, key chains, IC cards, Mifare S50 & S70 ISO cards. (3) Mifare card readers- proximity readers, proximity sensors, proximity cards, smart card readers, finger print ( fingerprints) recognitions ( identifications), access control systems, time attendance r

ICcard Technology Corporation

computer & electronic peripherals & accessories-
(1) IC card, smart card, CPU cards, memory card, contact card,
contactless card, gold wafer card, PVC card, ABS card, PET card, mifare
card, whole follow ISO7816 plastic card, member card.
(2) IC card modules package assembly, IC card modules provider, card

Hong Kong RFID Co., Ltd.

professional RFID products manufacturers- RFID readers, RFID reader, UHF RFID tags, UHF RFID antennas, UHF RFID printers, UHF handhold readers, HF RFID tags, HF RFID readers, UHF RFID antennas, linear & circular polarized antenna, HF RFID printers, LF RFID readers, RF portable data collectors, contactless readers, smart cards, MiFARE cards, EAS tags & pins, portable EAS sensors & detectors, EAS detachers & other special tags.

Uniform Industrial Corp

access controls- decoder chips, check readers, smart card readers, contactless solutions.

Rfid Sources Corporation

125 KHz and 13.56 MHz proximity & contactless smart cards, thermo rewrite cards, patch & stick tags, CD labels, key fob tags, e-unit, wristband ( wrist band)tags, mobile phone tags, token & laundry tags, mount-on-metal tags, thermo rewrite cards, transponder encoders, development kits, RFID cards.

Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd.

electronic & electrical components & security & safety products- (1) proximity card- ISO, clamshell and dual frequency cards, smart & contactless cards, sag high vicat petg smart and MIFARE card &PETG cards, thermo rewrite and proximity cards. (2) RFID keyfob- water drop, tumbler and pear keyfob, epoxy keyfobs, arch keyfob tags. (3) RFID tags- RFID transponders, ABS stick & bullet tag, disc patch tag and GF disc tag, GF stick tags, GF disc, clear disc and laundry tags, mount on metal, disc patch and abs sti

J & E Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

electronic products- gold wafer cards, silver cards, fun cards, smart cards, IC cards, standard secure memory cards, microprocessor cards, custom specific MCM cards, contactless cards.


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