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Hair Straighteners

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Wenzhou N.W.H. Trade Co., Ltd.

curling irons, faucets, automatic faucets, automatic hand dryers, automatic hair dryers, automatic toilet flushers, soap dispenser, mirrors, hair straighteners, hair curlers, sedu hair straighteners.


beauty salon equipment- barber chair series, shampoo chair series, salon stool series, dressing tables, batholith series, styling chair series, hair dryers, electric hair drier, hair straighteners.

Shaan Honq Int'l. Cosmetics Corp.

beauty & hair care, hair cares products- (1) threatment- olive colorful conditioners, olive instant treatments, olive chemically treated blocking lotions, color locking spray, damaged hair treatment. (2) scalp- natural essential hair purifiers, SPA exfoliating cream & smoothing spray, olive essence lotion. (3) shampoo, shampoos- olive & grapefruit & chamomile shampoo, PH balancing rinse, salon & dry shampoos. (4) styling products- olive molding & sculpting clay, olive styling straightener dew, moisturizing

Shenzhen Jianrong Hairdressing Equipment Factory

hair straighteners, ceramic hair straighteners, hair sedu tourmaline straighteners, hair curlers, hair extension devices, ultrasonic hot razors, hair straighteners, curling irons, hair sedu tourmaline straighteners.

Zhejiang Jindeli Beauty and Hairdressing Household Appliance Co., Ltd.

hair straighteners, hair clippers, hair crimpers, cosmetology equipments, hardware electric appliances, small home appliances, sedu hair straightener.

Shenzhen SunQT Technology Co., Ltd.

hair straighteners, ceramic hair straighteners, PS2 accessories, digital photo frames, accessories for XBOX, XBOX 360, PSP, PS3, PSP, game accessories, iPod accessories, WII accessories, hair sedu tourmaline straightener, hair straighteners, ceramic hair straighteners.

Shenzhen (Geloon) Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

ceramic hair straighteners, hair straighteners, hair curler, hair dryers, MCH, PTC heaters, engineering plastics, ceramic hair straighteners.

Sino-America Joint Venture Ningbo Jinlei Hairdressing Instrument Co., Ltd.

hair straighteners, ceramic hair straighteners, hair crimpers, hair curlers, hair dryers, sedu hair straighteners, curling irons.

Wenzhou Anda Electric Co., Ltd.

hair straighteners, ceramic hair straighteners, hair clippers, shavers, rechargeable trimmers, personal groomers, sedu hair straighteners, ceramic hair straighteners.

Shenzhen JinRi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of hair equipment (1) hair straighteners- solia & hot tool, ionic, chi, ceramic hair sedu strengtheners, hair maxiglide, chi flat and curl hair strengtheners, hair steam, dryer and colorful digital tourmaline ceramic hair straighteners. (2) hair dryer- hair blowhair dryers dryer hair infinity, folding hair dryers, solia & hot tool hair dryers, ionic and vacuum dryers, curling iron & hair dryer holders, iron, hair crimpers, hair curling sets, tourmaline ceramic curling iron. (4) trimmer sets, e


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