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Biochemical Product

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Suzhou Proud Precision Machinery Co, Ltd.

medical film processor, automatic biochemical analyzer and monitor and printing film processor, PS plate processorprinting-down frame, punching machine, prepress equipment and printing equipment.

Oncoprobe Biotech Inc.

medical supplies- tumor markers, human infectious diseases, rapid test, HCG test strip, syphilis antibody test strip
( thyroid) EIA test( 96wells/kit), candida albicans test strip,
specific diagnosis of antigen or antibody, antibodies and biochemical products for research and diagnostics , human infectious diseases
EIA kits ( 96 wells/kit), thyroid EIA test( 96wells/kit).

Taigen Bioscience Co., Ltd.

biochemical products including restriction enzymes, DNA/ RNA purification kits, thermal
cyclers, serums, single tube RT/ nested PCR kits for detection of DNA or RNA virus...

Tunyen Enterprise Corporation

automated biochemical/ immune analyzers, medica electrolyte analyzers, biochemical/ immune reagents,
CAD automated equipment of computer auxiliary design, GTX imaging transfer to vector softwares, vidar AO scanners,
CYCO workflow softwares.


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