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Network Interface Cards

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ARGtek Communication Inc.

1) 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g, High power, WLAN AP/ Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
2) 5GHz, 802.11a, High Power, WLAN AP/Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
3) 802.11n, High Power, WLAN AP/Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
4) 2.4 / 5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n, Dual Band, WLAN AP/Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
5) 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g, High power, WLAN USB Adapter, Indoor & Outdoor.
6) 5GHz, 802.11a, High Power, WLAN USB Adapter, Indoor & Outdoor.
7) 802.11n, High Power, WLAN Adapter, Indoor & Outdoo

Pro-Nets Technology Corporation

Manufacturer of ADSL modems, USB & PCI interface, broadband routers, wireless LAN products, 56K modems, PCI modem, RS232 modem, network adapters, ethernet switches, internal & external fax modems, ISDN products, USB adapters, wireless ADSL routers, LAN products, wireless broadband routers, build-in modules, GIGA & hub switches, wireless PCI adapter, and etc.

Ace Plus Corp.

We provide (1) cable assemblies- data communication cables, fiber optics cables (connectors), USB cables & hubs, card readers, SATA cables, FC & SC patchcords. (2) Cisco compatible products- stackwise & SFP cables, router & TELCO cables, fiber & HSSI cables, gigastack cables. (3) DVI & HDMI extension modules (adptor), media converters, infiniband cables, video & audio splitters, extenders, PoE switches, web & managed switches, skype & DECT cordless phone base stations & hand sets. (4) gigabit & optic transc

Samphone Electronic Co., Ltd.

PC & computer peripheral, computer peripherals- (1) computer accessory, computer accessories, computer component, computer components- memory card holders, card reader, card readers, digital MP3 & portable DVD players, CDRW, external enclosures, flash drives, PCMCIA & USB infrared adapters, KVM switches, HDD storage devices, MPEG4 portable video players & recorders, HDD, USB PC security locks, USB recovery keys, USB external floppy disk drives, mini hubs, web cameras (web cams, webcams), WLAN ( wireless LAN

Action Star Enterprise Co., Ltd.

computer peripherals& accessories including computer cables, CPU auto
switches, adapters, terminators, gender changers, chassises, memory modules,
CD- ROMs, hard/ floppy drives, keyboards, monitors, mice( mouse), CPUs,
speakers& interface cards, networking hubs, etc.

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

ICs design, Network interface controllers, PHYceivers, communications Network ICs, swtich controllers, gateway controllers, wireless LAN ICs、broadband access controllers, computer peripheral & multimedia ICs, audio codecs, HD audio codecs, card reader controllers, clock generators, LCD controllers.

Appro Technology Inc.

(1) video recorders- stand-alone triplex 1-ch, 4-ch, 9-ch, 16-ch digital video recorders, removable hard-disk model. (2) network video recorders- 8CH, RJ-45 interface NVR, wireless interface NVR. (3) CCTV products, CCTV camera lens- DC driver automatic lris, fixed focal, vari-focal, CCTV DVR. (4) security & safety products, color cameras- high-resolution color cameras, CCD standard resolution color cameras, CCD power over video color cameras, CCD day & night color cameras, CCD board & dome color cameras, CC

Justec International Technology Inc.

computer products & PC peripheral, parts & accessory ( accessories), telecommunication & networking products & equipments- GPS bluetooth ( blue tooth) & receivers & smart receivers, ADSL USB modems, ADSL routers & wireless routers, LAN & NIC cards, 56K fax & internal modems, 56K USB modems, ADSL modem routers, ADSL modems, switch hubs, SOHO & enterprise switches, VOIP phones & routers & gateway, IP DSLAM XDSL routers, skype phones, wireless cards, wireless AP & AP routers, wireless USB adaptors, GIGA & mana

Ye Zhen Technology Ltd.

PC- based products( ODM& OEM), industrial computers mainly
specialize for industrial automation appliances including
PCMCIA cards, completed PC- based system& boards for industrial
automation, 586 single boards, PC- based add- on peripheral cards,
machines tools controller cards, industry PC- based control systems,
ethernet& network interface cards, telecommunication& communication

Mototech Inc.

(1) brushless DC spindle motors, HDD motor.
(2) networking products including NIC, ethernet adapter,
fast ethernet adapter, ethernet PCI adapter, hub, NWay switch,
fast ethernet hub, dual- speed hub, print server, IP router,
network interface card, PCMCIA( PC cards), carbus PC cards,
and internet sharing devcice.

Celan Technology Inc.,

networking products including local and wide area network products from network interface card
to SNMP intelligent ethernet hub, fast ethernet HUB,
dual-speed fast ethernet HUB, fast ethernet switching HUB,
print server and IP router.

Tamarack Microelectronics Inc.- TMI

(1) data communication solutions- analog and digital
mixed-signal IC's for the data communications communities.
(2) LAN products- ethernet PCMCIA
cards, 10/100Mbps ethernet hubs, ethernet network interface cards ( NIC),
ethernet coaxial transceiver / module and 10/100Mbps ethernet switches.

Jaht Technologies Corp.

computer peripherals& network devices including ethernet/ network
interface cards, hubs, switches, print servers, IP sharing devices,
internet routers, communication products.

Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.

providing networking silicon solutions, design integrated circuit
( IC) solutions for mainstream networking and communications applications.
local area network( LAN)and wide area network( WAN) chip sets, fast ethernet products.
network interface cards, switching controllers.

Axlon Electronics Corp.

(1) 5F-5, No.77, Sec.1, Hsin-Tai Wu Rd., Hsi-Chih, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
computer peripherals including PalmPal, network interface modules and cards, wireless RF modules,
tranceivers, and control engines.
(2) computer applications including industrial shop floor monitoring, factory management,
home/ residential automation, utility automation, integrated cable TV systems.

AD Mtek Incorporated

design & manfuacturing network IC- integrated circuit, main products are Nic( network interface cards)
hub controller, switch controller, transceiver IC.

CNet Technology Inc.

computer network peripherals including switching hubs, bridges, SNMP& internet solutions,
network interface cards, standard hubs, repeaters& transceivers, powerNIC adaptors( adapters),


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