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Network Interface Cards

There are 17 manufacturers in this Network Interface Cards category, the follows are 1 - 17 [Page 1]:
Listings of Network Interface Cards Manufacturers & Network Interface Cards Suppliers

ARGtek Communication Inc. : Network Interface Cards

1) 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g, High power, WLAN AP/ Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
2) 5GHz, 802.11a, High Power, WLAN AP/Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
3) 802.11n, High Power, WLAN AP/Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
4) 2.4 / 5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n, Dual Band, WLAN AP/Router, Indoor & Outdoor.
5) 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g, High power, WLAN USB Adapter, Indoor & Outdoor.
6) 5GHz, 802.11a, High Power, WLAN USB Adapter, Indoor & Outdoor.
7) 802.11n, High Power, WLAN Adapter, Indoor & Outdoo...

Pro-Nets Technology Corporation : Network Interface Cards

Manufacturer of ADSL modems, USB & PCI interface, broadband routers, wireless LAN products, 56K modems, PCI modem, RS232 modem, network adapters, ethernet switches, internal & external fax modems, ISDN products, USB adapters, wireless ADSL routers, LAN products, wireless broadband routers, build-in modules, GIGA & hub switches, wireless PCI adapter, and etc.

Ace Plus Corp. : Network Interface Cards

We provide (1) cable assemblies- data communication cables, fiber optics cables (connectors), USB cables & hubs, card readers, SATA cables, FC & SC patchcords. (2) Cisco compatible products- stackwise & SFP cables, router & TELCO cables, fiber & HSSI cables, gigastack cables. (3) DVI & HDMI extension modules (adptor), media converters, infiniband cables, video & audio splitters, extenders, PoE switches, web & managed switches, skype & DECT cordless phone base stations & hand sets. (4) gigabit & optic transc...

Samphone Electronic Co., Ltd. : Network Interface Cards

PC & computer peripheral, computer peripherals- (1) computer accessory, computer accessories, computer component, computer components- memory card holders, card reader, card readers, digital MP3 & portable DVD players, CDRW, external enclosures, flash drives, PCMCIA & USB infrared adapters, KVM switches, HDD storage devices, MPEG4 portable video players & recorders, HDD, USB PC security locks, USB recovery keys, USB external floppy disk drives, mini hubs, web cameras (web cams, webcams), WLAN ( wireless LAN...

Action Star Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Network Interface Cards

computer peripherals& accessories including computer cables, CPU auto
switches, adapters, terminators, gender changers, chassises, memory modules,
CD- ROMs, hard/ floppy drives, keyboards, monitors, mice( mouse), CPUs,
speakers& interface cards, networking hubs, etc.

Realtek Semiconductor Corp. : Network Interface Cards

ICs design, Network interface controllers, PHYceivers, communications Network ICs, swtich controllers, gateway controllers, wireless LAN ICs、broadband access controllers, computer peripheral & multimedia ICs, audio codecs, HD audio codecs, card reader controllers, clock generators, LCD controllers.

Appro Technology Inc. : Network Interface Cards

(1) video recorders- stand-alone triplex 1-ch, 4-ch, 9-ch, 16-ch digital video recorders, removable hard-disk model. (2) network video recorders- 8CH, RJ-45 interface NVR, wireless interface NVR. (3) CCTV products, CCTV camera lens- DC driver automatic lris, fixed focal, vari-focal, CCTV DVR. (4) security & safety products, color cameras- high-resolution color cameras, CCD standard resolution color cameras, CCD power over video color cameras, CCD day & night color cameras, CCD board & dome color cameras, CC...

Justec International Technology Inc. : Network Interface Cards

computer products & PC peripheral, parts & accessory ( accessories), telecommunication & networking products & equipments- GPS bluetooth ( blue tooth) & receivers & smart receivers, ADSL USB modems, ADSL routers & wireless routers, LAN & NIC cards, 56K fax & internal modems, 56K USB modems, ADSL modem routers, ADSL modems, switch hubs, SOHO & enterprise switches, VOIP phones & routers & gateway, IP DSLAM XDSL routers, skype phones, wireless cards, wireless AP & AP routers, wireless USB adaptors, GIGA & mana...

Ye Zhen Technology Ltd. : Network Interface Cards

PC- based products( ODM& OEM), industrial computers mainly
specialize for industrial automation appliances including
PCMCIA cards, completed PC- based system& boards for industrial
automation, 586 single boards, PC- based add- on peripheral cards,
machines tools controller cards, industry PC- based control systems,
ethernet& network interface cards, telecommunication& communication

Mototech Inc. : Network Interface Cards

(1) brushless DC spindle motors, HDD motor.
(2) networking products including NIC, ethernet adapter,
fast ethernet adapter, ethernet PCI adapter, hub, NWay switch,
fast ethernet hub, dual- speed hub, print server, IP router,
network interface card, PCMCIA( PC cards), carbus PC cards,
and internet sharing devcice.

Celan Technology Inc., : Network Interface Cards

networking products including local and wide area network products from network interface card
to SNMP intelligent ethernet hub, fast ethernet HUB,
dual-speed fast ethernet HUB, fast ethernet switching HUB,
print server and IP router.

Tamarack Microelectronics Inc.- TMI : Network Interface Cards

(1) data communication solutions- analog and digital
mixed-signal IC's for the data communications communities.
(2) LAN products- ethernet PCMCIA
cards, 10/100Mbps ethernet hubs, ethernet network interface cards ( NIC),
ethernet coaxial transceiver / module and 10/100Mbps ethernet switches.

Jaht Technologies Corp. : Network Interface Cards

computer peripherals& network devices including ethernet/ network
interface cards, hubs, switches, print servers, IP sharing devices,
internet routers, communication products.

Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. : Network Interface Cards

providing networking silicon solutions, design integrated circuit
( IC) solutions for mainstream networking and communications applications.
local area network( LAN)and wide area network( WAN) chip sets, fast ethernet products.
network interface cards, switching controllers.

Axlon Electronics Corp. : Network Interface Cards

(1) 5F-5, No.77, Sec.1, Hsin-Tai Wu Rd., Hsi-Chih, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
computer peripherals including PalmPal, network interface modules and cards, wireless RF modules,
tranceivers, and control engines.
(2) computer applications including industrial shop floor monitoring, factory management,
home/ residential automation, utility automation, integrated cable TV systems.

AD Mtek Incorporated : Network Interface Cards

design & manfuacturing network IC- integrated circuit, main products are Nic( network interface cards)
hub controller, switch controller, transceiver IC.

CNet Technology Inc. : Network Interface Cards

computer network peripherals including switching hubs, bridges, SNMP& internet solutions,
network interface cards, standard hubs, repeaters& transceivers, powerNIC adaptors( adapters),


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