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Nylon 66 Filament

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Sherng Yii Co., Ltd.

Sherng Yii is a manufacturer which specializes in drawn textured yarn (DTY) for Nylon 66 micro fiber “TACTEL®””MERYL®” & Nylon 6. All textured yarn can be used in circular knitting, warp Knitting, Raschel Knitting, fancy yarn, hosiery, weaving, sweater, sportswear, lace, socks and narrow bands. Below is our product for your reference.
1. Nylon 66, MERYL®, 40D/34F-SD, 1&2 ply.

2. Nylon 66, 70D/23F-SD, 1 ply.

3. Nylon 66, 70D/34F-SD, 1 &2 ply.

4. Nylon 66, 70D/46F-

Sherng Yii Co., Ltd.

textile products- nylon textured yarn, false textured yarns, synthetic yarn, Micro yarn, DuPont's "Tactel" nylon 66, "Tactel" and nylon 6 false textured yarn with various filaments counts and luster, polyamide yarn, multi- ply yarn or combined with difference yarns.

Shanghai Sxcarbon Technology Co., Ltd.

nylon 66 reinforced, nylon 6 reinforced, high purity graphite, high density, high strength and high purity graphite pyrolytic graphite, continuous filaments of PAN based carbon fiber, chopped carbon fiber, carbon fiber powder, carbon cloth, graphite cloth, carbon fiber and glass fiber mixed weaving cloth, carbon fiber prepreg, viscose based carbon fiber cloth, PAN based carbon felt, graphite felt, carbon fiber cord, carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

Evalon Textile Co., Ltd.

Main product: Manufacturers and Supplier of textile product-Nylon 66 filament yarn, Nylon 6 filament yarn, polypropylene filament yarn, filament yarn, Nylon 66 texturizing yarn, Nylon 6 Texturizing yarn, Polypropylene texturizing yarn, Nylon 66/nylon 6/polypropylene Air Texturizing yarn, Nylon 66/Nylon 6/propylene function yarn, Nylon 66/nylon 6/polypropylene function fabric, special design fabric.


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