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Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers

There are 4 manufacturers in this Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers category, the follows are 1 - 4 [Page 1]:
Listings of Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers Manufacturers & Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers Suppliers

Chia-Li Electron Machine Co., Ltd. : Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers

Manufacturer of (1) ultrasonic & acrylic cleaners, optical glass machines, frame manual cleaners, systems & solutions, dying machineries, strengthening machines, dryers, static eliminating equipments, chemical plants, plastics machinery, textile finishing machines, mini dehumidifier, milk bottle warmers, assembling, automatic cleaners, SIMCO static equipments, aerostat XC ionizing air blowers, digital electrostatic fieldmeters. (2) dyeing chemical tonors, strengthening chemicals, NK sunclean, anti-mist coat...

Fibersil Che Co., Ltd. : Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers

We provide industrial textile & leather chemicals, textile auxiliary, silicone antifoam, amino & epoxy & high polymer silicone, soil resisting & anti flaming agents, preparing & finishing chemicals, dyeing & printing chemicals, softening & lubricating & souring agents, wetting & raising agents, water oil repellent agents, emulsifiers, hydrophilic amino & epoxy silicone, leather finishing & machine clearing agents, fixing & chelated dispersing agents, dispersing & dissolution agents, dispersing leveling agen...

Kuan Chuan Chemical Industries Ltd. : Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers

dyeing chemical products- fluorescent dyes, optical brightener agent,
fluorescent whitening dyes, dyestuff, textile auxiliary agent,
auxiliary for pulp, chemical, textile industries, pulp( paper)
industries, fluorescent whitening agent (O.B.A.) for textile and pulp
( paper) used, optical brightening agents, sunpeitin.

Centro Chino Co., Ltd. : Textile Auxiliary Manufacturers

chemical products- (1) textile auxiliary, textile chemicals- sizing agents, warp sizing lubricants, after waxing & desizing agents, scouring & wetting agents, soaping & chelated dispersing agents, bleaching & bleaching auxiliaries, agent; levelers, redarders, carriers, dispersing & suspending agent, fluorescent & antiback stain agents, deformers, softeners, antistatics, fixing & soil resisting agent; water repellent agent & oil repellent agent, anti-flaming & seanitary agents. (2) surfactants products- an...


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