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Camsco Electric Co., Ltd.


Camsco Electric Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electrical panel control components, electric meters, hour meter, timers, time switch, cam switches, auto lighters, buzzers, AC solenoids, push buttons, bus bar insulators, wiring accessory, cable lugs, counters, panel meters, digital multimeters digital clamp meter, hoist (snap, floatless, micro, limit) switches, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, relays, warning lights, emergency exit light, temperature controllers, alarm bells, sirens, cam switch, cable crimping tools & cable cutters, terminals, fuse links & bases, foot switches, hardware for industry, counter series, industrial plugs soket-outlets, magnetic contactors, metal wall mounting cabinets, shunt ST series, sockets, tester, LED emergency light, wiring duct, cable tie and the like.

Camsco Electric Co. Ltd. was established in 1979, and specializes in a wide range of electrical components and related products. And we have customers in over 50 countries around the globe. We are a progressive company and we constantly challenge ourselves to develop new products to better serve our customers. Our manufacturing facilities are located in China and have ISO-9001 certification, and many of our products are also certified by international standards such as UL and CE. We will endeavor to provide the best products possible at reasonable prices, and is committed to fostering long-term business relationships with our customers. Join us now.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Sharlene Yeh
Telephone: 886-2-27948811
Fax: 886-2-27953377
Address: 2F, No. 16-3, Minquan East Road, Sec. 6, Taipei 114, Taiwan
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