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Insulated Wires

There are 25 manufacturers in this Insulated Wires category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Insulated Wires Manufacturers & Insulated Wires Suppliers

Car Show Automotive Products Co. Ltd. : Insulated Wires

Manufacturer of turn signal & ignition starter & ignition cable switches, relays, flashers, head lamp & stop switch, door locks, fuse boxes, automatic insulated wires, wire harness, halogen head lamps, pigtail socket assembly, housing connector wires, fuse holders, fusible links, housing connectors, aircon & toggle switches, battery terminal cables working lamps, electric connectors, direction light switches, ignition switch assembly, vehicle connections, electronic products related to vehicles and motorcyc...

Der-En Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

Manufacturer of metal fasteners and machine bolts- square pipe cross arm, false deadends, insulated crossarm clevises, angle type crossarms, multi-use connector plates, forged anchor shackles, square washers, strand grip bolts, oval eye bolts, insulated crossarm clevise racks, strand grip thimbles, wire splints, forgings parts, OEM & ODM.

Bright Future International Ltd. : Insulated Wires

One of the biggest manufacturers & suppliers of light bulbs, auto & motorcycle bulbs, halogen bulbs, decorative bulbs, OEM lighting fixtures, H.I.D. bulbs, fluorescent tubes, indicator bulbs, miniature bulbs, flashlight bulbs, energy saving lamps, mercury lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamp, energy saving lights, DL/ CW/ WW lights, blue light, black light tubes, germicidal lamp tubes, green (red, yellow, blue, white diffused, water clear, BA9S, special) LED bulbs, telephone bulbs, telephone slide base la...

Ta Heng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

A professional manufacturer of UL / CSA wires & cables, coaxial cables, communication cables, complex cables, F mark approved wires, PCM-E1 indoor cables, cat.5e & cat.6 cable, PE-PVC indoor digital (drop, star quad indoor telephone) cables, PVC/ nylon jumper wires, insulation jacket control cables, computer cables, LAN cables, ribbon wires & non-heat shrink cable PVC tubing, shield cables, cable assembly, radio (television, audio/ video appliance, radar, satellite antenna TV, community antenna TV, master a...

Greatness Sanitary Industrial Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

Main products include food service equipments, plumbing fittings, various faucets, food service fittings, pre-rinse units, overflow tubes, washing machine valves, pipe risers, hose assembly, wall brackets, hose hooks, pipe to hose adapters, insulated hose grips, pot fillers, spray valve assembly, wash machine outlet boxes, waste drains, basket drains, handles, scoops, wires products, fry baskets, fry screens, castings products, coffee sets, gas hoses, quick disconnectors, spouts, iced tea and beverage dispe...

Ningbo Lift Winch Manufacture Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

We provide ATV/ UTV winches, boat winches, utility winch, cars & truck winches, off-road equipments, trailer & electric winch, 2000LB (9500LB, 10000LB, 12000LB, 15000LB) winch, China & DF winches, hoists, marine and anchor winch, portable winch, 4x4 & 4WD winch, heavy duty winch, jeep & hand winch, winch accessory kits, ATV fairleads, wireless remote controls, solenoids, quick connectors, pulley blocks, bow shackles, snatch blocks, hooks, synthetic ropes, cables, winch covers, gloves, tree straps, car tract...

Camsco Electric Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

Manufacturer of electrical panel control components, electric meters, hour meter, timers, time switch, cam switches, auto lighters, buzzers, AC solenoids, push buttons, bus bar insulators, wiring accessory, cable lugs, counters, panel meters, digital multimeters digital clamp meter, hoist (snap, floatless, micro, limit) switches, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, relays, warning lights, emergency exit light, temperature controllers, alarm bells, sirens, cam switch, cable crimping tools & cable cutters, ter...

BestFlow Motor Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

(1) AC fans- AC axial fans, AC capacitor fans, AC axial metal fans, AC widecross flow fan, AC sirocco flow fans, AC wide cross flow fan, computer CPU fans. (2) DC fans- DC brushless fans, DC brushless blowers, DC brushless cross flow fan. (3) fan related components & parts- insulated terminals, insulated spade & ring & pin terminals, coolings, fan wire nettings, fan dustproof wire netting, DC power splitters, power cords, fully insulated connectors, connector sockets, extension cables, fan power reducers & ...

Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, high voltage cables, power cables, mining cables, prefabricated branch cables, control cables, computer cables, communication cables, special cables for oxygen insulation cables, little smoke cables, low chimney cables, flame-resistance cables, proof-fire cables.

Zhejiang Teflon Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, teflon wires, electronic power wires, high temperature electric power cables, compensation cables of instruments, high temperature insulated sleevings, wiring harness processing products.

Zhejiang Sonton Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, insulated cables, power cables, control cables, aerial insulated cables, silicon rubber cables, XLPE insulated wires, GFCI series.

Zhengzhou Jinshui Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, electrical wires, power cables aluminum conductors, aluminum conductors with steel wire reinforcement, aerial bundled cables, XLPE insulated cables, flexible wires.

Zhengzhou No.2 Cable Factory : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, PVC insulated wires, XLPE insulated power cables, control cables, overhead insulated cables, rubber insulated cables, welding cables, prefab branch cables, photography lighting flexible cables, computer and inspecting equipment cables.

Wuxi Xinhongye Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, internal wiring of refrigerator, internal wiring of air conditioner, internal wiring of washing machine, internal wiring of some motorcycle, internal wiring of automobile machines.

Zhejiang Kukun Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, CU cables, PVC cables, CU cables, XLPE cables, CU cables, LSOH cables, power cables, control cables, UTP cables, telephone cables, ACSR cables, AAC cables, ABC cables, electrical wires.

Guangzhou Hechang Electricity Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, insulated cables, electric wirings, bare wires, elevator cables, communication cables, coaxial-cables.

Zhejiang Xingda Electronic Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, insulated cables, AWM electronic wires, automobile wire set assembly, automobile high voltage wires, low voltage wires.

Qingdao Yuhua Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

insulated wires, insulated cables, PVC insulated power cables, control cables, cables for mine, general rubber sleeve cables, fire proof cables, aerial insulated cables, bare wires.

Shenzhen Qifuri Electronics Co., Ltd. : Insulated Wires

automotive cables, UL/CSA electric wires, UL/CSA high temperature wires, specific wires, specific cables, CCC wires, CCC cables, VDE wires, VDE cables, insulated sleeving heat shrinkable tubes.

TA YA Electric Wire & Cable : Insulated Wires

telephones & accessories ( accessory)- telecommunication cables, optical fiber cables, low smoke free halogen (LSFH) cables, heat resistant cables, telecommunication cable, optic fiber cables, single & double & triple insulation layers wire, bare copper wires, power cables, magnet wires, burning & fire resistant cables, lead-free PVC wirings, PE & ERP insulated cables and enameled wire, wiring cable assembly ( assemblies).


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