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Injohnson Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.


Injohnson Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic injection moldings, plastic injection machines, rubber mold machineries, rubber injection equipments, oil seals, o rings, spring sheet rubber molds, rubber bushes, ferrite/ NdFeB magnets, ceramic magnets, metal stampings, die castings, computer software, and so forth.

Injohnson Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. professionally manufactures a wide range of magnets, oil seals, plastic molded products, and zinc/aluminum die-cast products. With over 20 years of professional experience, we are constantly devoting ourselves to improving technology and creating new innovative products. These are the secrets of our success, which has been confirmed with praise. Our success has yielded present plans for a new factory and office in the People's Republic of China to be completed in the next fiscal year. With this new factory, we can supply our large order customers more efficiently. So we are confident that we can supply the output that our customers desire. We can offer you the features including small or large orders, high quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery, and good service. Our products can be custom-made and designed according to your specification. Please contact us now!
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. J. S. Fu
Telephone: 886-4-8882451
Fax: 886-4-8873056
Address: No. 107, Kuan-Fu Rd., Bei-Tou Town, Changhua Hsien 52146, Taiwan
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