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Eminentpoly Industries, Inc.


Eminentpoly Industries, Inc.

extrusion (extruded) plastics–(1) hose- soaker hoses, soaker hose, flat, garden, soaker garden, garden seeper, seep, PVC, PVC garden, PVC braided, PVC air, EVA recoil, PU recoil, urethane recoiling, PU air hose, nylon recoil, PVC, PU braided hoses, hydraulic high pressure hoses, brake hoses, gas hoses, coil hoses, garden water hoses, garden water hoses, fuel hoses, twin hoses, spiral hoses. (2) tubes ( tubings)– plastic tubes, PU, nylon and PU cord tubes, PU custom extrusion, vinyl tubing, PP & HDPE tubings, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, Nylon, EVA, TPR, polyurethane, urethane, ABS, PVC, garden hose soaker tubings, cylinder hydraulic tubes, TPU tubes, nylon PVDF tubes, shrink tubings, coil tubings, PTFE tubings, vacuum tubings, mechanical tubings, precision component tubings, rectangular tubings. (3) garden tools- garden hose connectors, garden hose fittings, garden hose nozzles, garden irrigation systems, garden rubber hoses, garden sprayers, hose reels, industrial hoses, plastic extrusion dies, hose pipes, hose couplings, hose reel carts, soaker pads, hydraulic & pneumatic seals. (4) hose reel, automatic hose reels, water hose reels, grass brick and rollout path, PVC custom extrusion, plastic extrusions, nylon custo extrusion, TPR custom extrusion. PVC cord, PVC stripe, rigid PVC pipes, PPR pipes, plastic water pipes, CPVC pipes, water pipes, UPVC pipe, plastic bearings. (5) rigid plastic extrusion- ABS pipe fittings, abs pipes, RPVC pipes, Acrylic pipes, PP/ RPVC custom, bars, ABS custom, HDPE, PETG and HIPS extrusions, flexible & semi rigid plastic extrusions, horticulture supply ( supplies), lawn irrigation systems, PVC pipe extrusion lines, sheet extrusion lines, viton extrusions, PVC wide door board extrusion lines, soft PVC tube extrusions, soft extrusions, PVC profile extrusion lines, plastic extruders, semi-rigid ( semi-rigid) plastic extrusions. (6) plastic moldings, conductive plastic, plastic injection moldings, plastic raw materials, engineering plastic, extruded plastics, plastic corrugated sheets.

Manufacturer of thermoplastic extrusion products mainly of PVC tubes for the garden hoses, Polyurethane tubing, recoil air hoses, Nylon tubing, recoil air hose, PVC accurate and clear extrusions, PP or PVC rigid profile and custom extrusion for materials all kind of rigid and flexible thermoplastic either virgin or the reclaimed materials, injection molding products, nylon extrusion, rigid plastic extrusion and even rubber.
Categories:   Horticulture Supplies   Irrigation Systems   Lawn Irrigation Systems   Car & Auto Brake Pads   Auto Brake Systems   Brake Pads   Auto Engine Bearing   Cylinder Hydraulic Tubes   Urethane Rubber   Die Extrusion   Rubber Moldings   Die Extrusions   Board To Board Connectors   Precision Coil Manufacturers   Precision Coils   Rigid Flex   PVC Door Manufacturers   ABS Pipe Fitting, ABS Fitting   Gas Pipe Fitting   High Pressure Pipe Fitting   PTFE Fittings   Vacuum Fittings   Acrylic Pipe   Hdpe Pipes   Coiled Gardening Hoses   Automatic Hose Reels   Air Hose Reels   Flat Garden Hoses   Flat Hoses   Garden Hose   Garden Hose Connectors   Garden Hose Fittings   Garden Hose Manufacturer   Garden Hose Nozzles   Garden Hose Reels   Garden Irrigation Systems   Garden Lawn Tools   Garden Rubber Hoses   Garden Sprayers   Hose Nozzles   Hose Reels   Hose Reel Carts   Irrigation Supply   Lawn and Garden Tools   Recoiling Hoses   Soaker Hoses   Spray Nozzles   Spray Nozzle Manufacturer   Tubing Tools   Pneumatic Cylinders   Hydraulic Coupling   Hydraulic High Pressure Hose   Hydraulic Hose Coupling   Hydraulic Hose Fittings   Pressure Water Hose   Hydraulic High Pressure Hoses   Pressure Water Hoses   Air Bearings   Engine Bearings   Plastic Bearings   Pecision Bearing   PTFE Bearings   Acrylic Bar   Acrylic Profile   Extruded Rubber   Flexible Couplings   Flexible Pipe Couplings   PVC Coupling   Rigid Couplings   Coil Tubings   High Pressure Water Hose   PTFE Tubes   PTFE Tubing   Industrial Hose Reels   Shrink Tubing Manufacturer   Vacuum Tubing   Water Hose Reels   Hose Connectors   Hose Coupling Fitting   Extruded Plastic   HDPE   PVC Strips   Conductive Plastics   Plastic Raw Material   Flexible Tube   ABS Pipes   CPVC Pipes   Flexible Tubing   Polyurethane Hoses   PPR Pipes   Spiral Pipes, Spiral Tubes   UPVC Pipes   Vinyl Tubings   Press Brakes   Injection Mold Press   PVC Pipe Extrusion Line   Sheet Extrusion Line
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Chau Ming Nian
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