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Shen Zhen Lotus Opto Technology Co., Ltd.


Shen Zhen Lotus Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

LED ( light emitting diodes) products, LEDs, LED sources, LED chip & assembly ( assemblies), LED supply- (1) LED lights, LED light ( lightings), LED string lights, LED Christmas tree lights, LED cup & bulb lights, LED long tube & underwater lights, LED buried ground lights, LED sight & wall lights, LED brick & bulb screen lights, LED flashing lights, LED pels screen lights, LED police lights, LED net lights, LED neon lighting & traffic signals, LED light module & display, LED light sets & light bars, LED light accessory, LED work & strobe lights, LED color changing & decorative lights, LED night lights. (2) LED displays, LED display, numeric & digital displays, screens, dot matrix displays, display sign stands, custom LED display, display message, display video, outdoor & indoor single & dual & full color LED display, moving signs, 7 ( seven) & 10 ( ten) segments ( meters), LED panels, LED display board, LED display panels, led display controller & lighting. (3) custom LED, white, green, red, blue, yellow, violet, amber LED, super flux & Piranha LED, super bright & low power LED, ultra bright LED, high power illumination, indicators, digital lightings. (4) LED lamps, LED lamp, high power LED, high power LEDs, warning lights, rainbow rope, hurdle ( tube) lamps, neon lamps, spot, rope, par & pool lamps, colorful bricks, dancing floor pools, LED backlights, lighting fixtures, halogen lamps & bulbs, outdoor& indoor LED lightings, LED fog & automotive lamps, custom LED lamp, LED sign lighting, LED lighting strip, LED lighting stage, LED landscape & home & residential lighting. (5) LED decoration & gifts & torches, LED clusters & flashers & flashlights.

Lotus Opto Technology Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of new power import and export limited company. This Hong Kong capital enterprise officially established in August 2004, authorized of the concerned government department. We have already obtained the “ISO 9001-2000”certificate. Our company is a specialized HB-LED manufacture and sells company. The products are widely used in each kind of indoor and outdoor display screens, the traffic signal lights, the automobile signal lights, the lawn lights, as well as the high power LED and so on. Lotus, with its skilled LED produce technology, after nearly half of year development, has become a scientific research, producing, and selling LED Company. The products are mainly sold to Europe and America, England, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia etc; meanwhile they are well known in the domestic industry. The company has 200 sales, management, project technology, and production technology staffs. We possess of 40 advanced equipments, and most advanced automatic prismatic machines, the jointing machines and the test machines. The monthly production can reach 15kk. Lotus takes the “surmount the ego, create continuously, keep on reforming, and satisfy the customers” as the enterprise aim, we will provide the products and the service of the superior quality for you. We wish to cooperate with you, buck for the great development plan, and create fine future together!
Categories: Landscape Products Auto Lights Bulbs Fog Lights Landscape Lighting Manufacturer Digital Panels Meters SCR Controllers Digital Power Meters Power Chips Digital Indicators Light Meters LED Assemblies LED Indicators LED Screen LED Sign Boards Super Bright LED LED Lights Bars LED Traffic Lights LED Panel LED Backlights Blue LED Dot Matrix Display High Power LED LED Digit Displays LED Floor Lamps LED Lights Modules LED Light Panels LED Video Display Outdoor LED Chinese Christmas Gifts Christmas Decorations Christmas Lights Christmas Trees Christmas Gift Manufacturers Decorative Gifts Manufacturers LED Gifts String Light Flashing Cups Home Decorations Christmas Decoration Manufacturers Automotive Lighting Accessories Automotive Neon Light Fog Lamps Strobe Warning Light Decorative Lamps Halogen Work Light Night Lights Neon Lamps Pool Lamps Stage Light Underwater Lamps Halogen Bulbs Outdoor Lighting Fixture Decorative Lighting Floor Lamp Manufacturers Home Lighting Traffic Signs Home Lightings Landscape Lighting Manufacturers Neon Signs Rope Lighting String Light Manufacturers Strobe Warning Lights, Emergency Warning Lights White Boards Traffic Control Products Video Access Control
Country: China
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