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Mylight Technology Co., Ltd.


Mylight Technology Co., Ltd.

We offer a comprehensive range of LED products including (1) LEDs- SMD LEDs, LED displays, white, green, red, blue, yellow LED, columnar & round LED, standard & infrared LED, high & low power LED, piranha LED, super & high flux LED, super & ultra bright LED. (2) LED lighting- LED light bars, LED spot lights, LED traffic & police lights, LED pool lights, LED fog lights, LED flashlights, LED floor lights, LED third brake & brike lights, LED signal lights, LED cars & automotive & motorcycle & truck tail lights & lamps, LED brake & tail & warning lights, LED night lights, LED color changing lights, LED emergency lights & lightings, LED indicator lights, LED work & working & reading lights, LED headlight, LED decorative lights, LED light boxes, LED light pens, LED light sticks, LED light sets, LED lights kits, LED light accessory ( accessories), LED bulbs, LED tail light bulbs, LED auto bulbs, rainbow strips & ropes. (3) custom LED lamps- infrared lamps, LED spot lamps, LED lamp lights, LED fog lamps, LED lamp bulbs, LED floor lamps, LED headlamp, LED head & reading lamps, LED tube lamps, halogen lamps & bulbs. (4) LED step lighting, LED automotive & truck lighting, LED residential & home & house lightings, LED rope lightings, LED landscape lighting, LED under car lighting, LED sign lightings, LED illumination, LED lighting products & system, LED lighting fixtures, LED lighting kits, LED lighting stage. (5) LED traffic signals, indoor & outdoor LED displays, single & dual & full color LED displays, LED dot matrix displays, LED video displays, LED moving displays, LED numeric & digit & digital displays, LED lights displays, LED display board, LED display modules, LED display panels, LED display signs, LED display lightings, LED signs, LED sign boards, LED traffic signals, LED signboard, LED moving signs. (6) LED screens, LED panels, LED modules, LED flashlight, LED lantern, LED turn signals, LED license plate frames, LED under car kits, LED test, LED flasher, LED decoration, LED backlights, LED candles, LED badge, LED clusters, LED torches, LED materials, LED package & packaging.

MYLIGHT expect that we would take “Social Concern” as our major purpose of our existence, comply with social energy-conservation, trend of environmental protection, use LED application to lead us to move towards high quality life. “Customer First” has been our principle to server our customers. We fulfill customer’s requests through continued research, efficiency focused, flexible production improvement and integrated organization management. Honesty MYLIGHT hold honesty as our principle to server customers for long-term cooperation within customers, suppliers and crafts. We also hope that we could build up close partnership for mutual profit. Realistic Realistic is the foundation of our business. We emphasize on sustained improvement to grow up and expand our market. Social Concern MYLIGHT take social concern as our business goal. We would like to do effort for human living quality enhancement through providing power-saving optoelectronic product.
Categories: Landscape Products License Plate Frames Auto Brake Systems Car Flashers Auto Lights Bulbs Fog Lights headlight assembly Third Brake Lights Led Truck Lights Electric Motorcycles Landscape Lighting Manufacturer Power Chips Digital Indicators Diode Tests LED Assemblies LED Indicators LED Package LED Screen LED Sign Boards LED Lights Bars LED Traffic Lights LED Panel LED Module LED Backlights Blue LED Dot Matrix Display High Power LED LED Digit Displays LED Floor Lamps LED Headlights LED Light Boxes LED Light Panels LED Video Display Outdoor LED SMD LED LED Badges LED Candles LED Pen Chemical Light Sticks Home Decorations LED Light Pens Custom Pens Outdoor electric boxes Automotive Emergency Lighting Automotive Lighting Accessories Car Warning Lights Custom Motorcycle Lights Fog Lamps Emergency Flashlights Emergency lanterns Emergency Lighting Systems Emergency Warning Lights Decorative Lamps Halogen Work Light Night Lights Infrared Lamp Pool Lamps Stage Light Halogen Bulbs Outdoor Lighting Fixture Decorative Lighting Floor Lamp Manufacturers Headlight Manufacturer Home Lighting Traffic Light Systems Traffic Signs Emergency Lighting Emergency Police Lights Headlights Home Lightings Landscape Lighting Manufacturers Rope Lighting Pen Stands White Boards Electronic Packaging LED Packaging Indicator Lights Custom Badges Brake Lights
Country: Taiwan
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