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Minglida Group


Minglida Group

We manufacture many kinds of industrial supplies, such as die castings, plastic molds, aluminum alloy castings, aluminum ( aluminium) extrusions, aluminum alloy & bronze castings, aluminum gravity & pressure die castings, body castings, casting die molds, custom iron castings, progressive dies, wax castings, copper alloys, gray ductile irons, phosphor and silicon bronzes, tool steel castingsand castings, casting materials, die casting radiators, casting molds, custom injection mold makings, injection molding thermoplastic, plastic balls, plastic containers & buckles, and CNC machining parts.

MingLiDa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., an ISO certificated company, set up in 2004, started with die casting now developed into a one-stop manufacturing service provider. Service below can be totally provided in house: plastic/aluminum mold design and manufacturing; aluminum and zinc die casting; plastic injection molding; CNC precision machining; sand blasting and polishing, and the like. Stable and controlled subcontractors for surface finish like powder coating, plating, anodizing, etc. Through years of investment, now we have 10 die casting machines from 160Tons to 1200 Tons, 12 CNC machines for precision machining. Besides growth of our capacity, we are more proud of our employees; we have 30 professional mold designers, 10 overseas sales with good technical knowledge. Now we offer die-castings to industry like, communication parts, white goods, electric motors, power tools, LED lighting, Office chair. Our Customers cover UK, Germany, Italy, America, Canada, and Japan.
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Country: China
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