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Cyntec Co., Ltd


Cyntec Co., Ltd

electronic & electrical components- (1) thin film RF components- thin film chip inductors, band pass filters (BPF), diplexers, balanced circuits ( differential circuit), balanced to unbalanced transformers ( baluns), attenuators. (2) thin/ thick film chip resistors, resistor networks. (3) metal foil current sensing resistors. (4) isolated resistor networks. (5) bussed resistor networks. (6) power chocks- sealed power choke, molding power chokes, assembly power chokes.

Since 1991 Cyntec’s team of scientists and engineers have been known to lead the way in the research and development of the miniaturized and highly integrated products. The product lines consist of power modules, passive components, chip resistors and sensors which serve the appliance, automotive, computer, and communication industries. Using our insight into market trends and the in depth knowledge of electronic materials and processes (thin/thick film technologies), we have been able to produce a wide variety of products with the highest levels of performance, high power handling, high density packaging and tight accuracy. Cyntec has been developing miniaturized components with high level of integration for many years. Using our advanced design and processing technologies, we have established four technology platforms for passive components, sensors, high frequency RF components, and power modules. At Cyntec we do widely use combinations of substrate materials (ceramic, glass, silicon material, etc…) and processing technologies (photolithography, thick film technologies) to produce passive components such as chip resistors, resistor arrays and current sensors which provide the best design and performance solutions for the computer and communication products. With expertise in the miniaturization technology including micro-powder molding and coil forming, we have developed and produced a complete series of high saturation current and low DCR surface mount molding type power chokes. Cyntec’s technology platform for power modules consists of electronic packaging, circuits with high power handling, thermal management, and high current metallic leads. The platform enables Cyntec to provide services for development and production of miniaturizes power module for inverter type motor controls, IPM (Intelligent Power Module), and high speed switching power for digital control units, POL (Point of Load convertor). At Cyntec, we are committed to the continuous improvement on the quality and reliability of our products. We strive to do things right at the first time, creating higher value for our customers. Our stringent quality tests are designed and strictly executed to ensure the precision and the long term reliability of our products.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Chuen Tiau Liou
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