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Cheng Tung Industrial Co., Ltd.


Cheng Tung Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic component products, such as film capacitor, MEF & MPP capacitors, X & Y capacitors, X+Y capacitors, metalized films, class X1 capacitors, 100V capacitors, 47uF capacitors, 250V capacitor, capacitor circuits, power supply capacitors, uF capacitor, farad capacitors, film capacitor, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, AC capacitors, AC DC capacitors, AC motor capacitors, motor starts, metal oxide varistors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, smd inductors, passive components, CT & CTX capacitors, chip inductors, multilayer chip inductor, wire wound inductors, power management products, amplifier and drives, stereo headphone drivers, transient voltage suppressors, and etc.

Cheng Tung Industrial Co., Ltd. (CT) was founded in 1998. In the past 5 years, CT has concentrated on production of special high quality and high reliability capacitors to serve the capacitor market worldwide with both high volume catalog styles and special designs. Our business operation policy is “Reliability”, “Initiative” and “Innovation”. CT is one of the leading suppliers of X1 safety capacitor products capable to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) which are key components in circuit breakers (spark killer), antenna coupling and line by-pass etc. CT has established a new sister company, Sheng Chang Technology Co., Ltd. in August 2002. Specially designed and made capacitors to meet the customers’ specific needs are our specialty to serve our customers. At present, the samples of the new products of class “XY dual safety capacitors” developed by Sheng Chang Technology Co., Ltd. have been submitted to the related safety standard approval authorities worldwide for approval, and the price offer is more competitive to those products imported from abroad. CT can supply a wide range of safety capacitors meet and are certified to applicable international safety standards of total eight countries (including UL, CUL, VDE, SEV … etc. ) with capacitance range from 0.0047 uF to 10uF, the rated voltage range of 250 VAC and 300 VAC and the temperature range from +100oC to -40oC. Your purchase of our products will be highly appreciated and much. Welcome! In order to meet the ever increasing market demands, the factory in China invested by CT has produced class X1 safety capacitors since July 2003.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Angela Chyi
Telephone: 886-3-3631093
Fax: 886-3-3631608
Address: No. 38, Lane 86, Sec. 1, Jieshou Rd., Pa Teh City, Taoyuan Hsien, 334, Taiwan
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