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So Ton Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd.


So Ton Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd.

automobiles, cars, vehicles parts& accessories- racing, tuning, pedal,
gear shift knob, phone holder, tire valve cap, antenna, bumper
protector, door guard, luggage rack, holder, mirror, third brake light,
fog light, lamps, working light, compass, safety belt& safety locks,
seat belt stopper, steering wheel cover, wiper up, wiper aid, key

Manufacturer of automotive parts& accessories such as gearshift knob, phone holder, tire valve cap, antenna, bumper protector, door guard, luggage rack, holder, mirror, third brake light, working light, compass, safety belt& safety locks, seat belt stopper, fog light, steering wheel cover, wiper up, wiper aid, key chain.
Categories: Brake Locks Bumper Guards Car Steering Wheels Seat Belts Steering Wheel Covers Steering Wheels Knobs Tire Locks Auto Brake Parts Brake Pedals Fog Lights Third Brake Lights Gear Shifts Auto Racing Parts Car Door Locks Luggage Accessories Luggage Locks Chain Covers Door Knob Brake Valves Stop Valves Tire Valves Door Stoppers Lamp Holders Fog Lamps Auto Mirror, Cars Mirrors Compass Manufactures Door Phone Manufacturers Brake Pedal Locks Chain Locks Gear Shift Locks Steering Wheel Locks Safety Seat Belts Racing Cars Racing Car Manufacturers Brake Lights
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Shenzhen Yu An Yuan Technology Industry Co., Ltd.

security ( safety, surveillance) equipments & products, video surveillance system - (1) B & W ( black & white) & color cameras, CCTV cameras, CCTV camera, CCTV security equipments, day and night CCTV cameras, home security cameras, Internet, video surveillance equipments, IP security cameras, video door phones, digital, color CCTV surveillance cameras, DVR systems, CCD cameras. (2) electric locks ( strikes), door locks, fingerprint door locks, car security locks, security alarm systems, door, home security

Megaprima Taiwan International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of textile fabric, industrial fabric, woven fabric, polyester fabric, nylon fabric, knitting fabric, tricot brushed fabric, fleece fabric, interlock fabric, single jersey fabric, lining fabric, mesh fabric, polyester suede fabric, bed sheets, treatment fabrics, household fabric and RTA furniture beside that we have supply polyester yarn in POY, FDY, DTY, ITY, RING SPUN YARN.

Fon-Star International Technology Inc.

Manufacturer of injection mould tooling and plastic injection molding, such as (1) precise injection molds- molds for high volume, hi-speed production, thin wall, LCD lamp frame core / cavity side, digital camera front cases, molds with gas assisted injection, molds with complex hot runner systems, two colours keypads for car internal, molds with in-mould / inlay decoration, olds for optical parts, mold makers, automotives products and accessories. (2) plastic sample- (consumer, mobile panels, computers, 3C

Uniworld Electronics Co., Ltd.

telecommunications- feature phones, key telephone systems, door phones,
non K.S.U. telephone systems, digital pabx systems, hybrid pabx systems.

Yu S Electric Co,. Ltd.

security system & equipment-
(1) video intercom systems- digital color camera door phones/ doorphones, 4 wire color camera door phones.
(2) intercom systems- digital camera doorphones, digital power supply/ supplies, digital security central station.
(3) electronic locks- inward locks, inward lock w/double lock cylinders, outward locks.
(4) elevator intercom systems.
(5) digital video recorders systems.
(6) security equipment- carbon monoxide alarm, security lighti

Advanced Video & Communication Inc.

TFT-LCD-CCD related products- medium size TFT-LCD modules/ monitors,
TFT-LCD TVs, large size TFT-LCD monitors, portable TV/VCD with LCD
display, security systems including door phone, wired and wireless
video phone( PC-based and stand alone for regular telephone line)

Super Star Technology Co., Ltd.

security devices& computer peripherals including wireless remote control units
( wall switches, remote sensors, adaptors, door bells, power cords, bulb sendors),
universal transmitters& receivers, motion sensors, multi- finders, telephone/ computer
remote system, phone light controllers, home automation system, computer softwares.

Pookoo Industrial Co., Ltd.

(1) automatic soap dispenser, bathroom accessories, hand dryer,
mixing faucet, flusher, automatic sliding door& radar sensors.
(2) metalized PE film capacitor, ceramic piston trimmer capacitor,
AC ceramic capacitor, metalized film capacitor.
(3) multi function system speaker, push button, see saw( rocker),
lever switch.(4) SMD parts- power inductor, chip core& filter,
metal oxide varistors.(5) LED display, Led backlight, desoldering tool,
LCD display( B/W,Color

Yi-Phone Inc.

flyback transformer, deflection yoke, CRT module, TFT LCD module, LCD
module, door phone unit OEM, LCD monitor and LCD TV.

Landsfair Technology Corporation

die casting, aluminum& magnesium alloy, zinc alloy die casting parts
for notebook computer, LCD, PDA, cellular phone, camera, sport goods,
handheld tools, household equipment, housings, covers, frames, cases,
panels, bicycle parts, car parts, automotive seat frames, sleering
wheels, saddles, pedals, handlebars, stems, locks, pumps, seat posts,
shock absorbers, front forks, folding bicycles, clutch housig, cylinder
head covers, oil pump housings, door handles, sunroo


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