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Jiangsu Guotai Int'l Group Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Guotai Int'l Group Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

variety handtools & hardwares- (1) plier, comblination pliers, flat & round nose pliers, snip nose pliers, water pump pliers, wire stripping pliers, end cutter, heavy duty side cutters, power side cutters, diagonal cutters. (2) wrenches & spanners- combination wrenches, adjustable wrench, wrenches set, reversible ratchet handles, ratchet spanner set, rim wrench, hex key kits. (3) air hand tools- air impact & ratchet wrenches, air grinders, air die grinder, air hammers, air drills, air snaders, air orbital sander, air shears, air spray guns, finish nailers, PVC & PU air hoses. (4)hammers & hatchets- machinist's hammer, hammers, claw hammer, stoning hammers, mallets, rubber mallet, multi-purpose hatchet, splitting mauls. (5) screwdrivers & bits- screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, bit holder set, car electric circuit tester. (6) cutting tools- ground twist drills, saw & wood drill sets, hammer chisels, diamond cutting discs, circular tipped saw blades, power blind riveter, hacksaw frame, coping saws. (7) clamps, wood working clamp, wood working clamps, angle grinder support. (8) knives and locks- multi-purpose knife, utility knife, rotary cutter. (9) measuring tools- measuring tapes, fiber glass tap measure, vernier calipers, spring & digital pocket balances, outside micrometer, feeler gauges, laser & digital level, digital multimeters, voltage check, metal, voltage & SUTD detector. (10) construction building tools- caulking guns, heavy duty caulk gun, profession manual silicon caulking guns, mitre saws, tile cutting machines, working benches. (11) garden tools- garden pruning shears, hedge shears, pruning saws, weeding forks, hand trowels & weeders, shovels, garden tool sets. (12) car accessories- scissor jacks, floor jack, hand winches, air compressors, foot pumps, booster cables, luggage cords. (13) fixing & lifting tools- staple gun, electric spray guns, air guns, hot glue gun, glue sticks set, grease guns, hand pallet truck, suction dent pullers. (14) safety tools- neoprene gloves, dust masks, safty glasses & goggles, safty hard hats & helmets, ear muffs, hearing protectors. (15) lights, torches- camping lanterns, Halogen lamps, spot lights, LED flashlight. (16) sockets- sockets wrench set, sockets & bit sets. (17) other tools- teflon tapes, magnifiers, steel chisel sets, pick up tools, tool boxes & cabinets. (18) hardwares- rivets, rubber sealing washer, hose clips, springs, O rings.

Guotai is one of the leading exporter of hand tools and other hardware products from China. We are able to supply all kinds of handtool & tool sets, including wood working clamp, mitre saws, pliers, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, measuring tools, garden tools, construction tools, air tool, spray guns, grease guns, heavy duty caulking gun, safety & protection products, earmuff hearing protectors, sockets and bit kits, etc as well as all kind of tool kits and other related hardware products. We are fully committed to providing our clients with high quality products, prompt delivery and professional services. Our experienced product managers and designers are ready to supply you with wide range of products models and package designs. We expect new and existing customers to take a look at our current lineup and hope that you will choose our brand of competitively priced quality products. Please feel free to send us your inquiries and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Categories: Truck Winches Washer Seals Led Truck Lights Hand Pullers Scissor Jacks Screw Jacks Luggage Locks Luggages Hardwares Nail Glue Foot Pumps Stainless Steel Forks Frame Pumps Glue Sticks Nail Glues Neoprene Gloves Pick to Lights Floor Tiles Floor Tile Manufacturer Rubber Tile Tile Manufacturers Construction Tool Exporters Glass Fiber Products Electric Scissors Grease Pumps Laser Levels Metal Working Power Jacks Cable Clips Teflon Wires Cable Testers Circuit Tests Test Benches Cable Clamps LED Flashlights Cabinet Handles Garden Bench Garden Benches Key Cabinets Metal Benches Pallet Manufacturer Pallet Manufacturers Chemical Light Sticks Magnifiers Manufacturer Clamp Sets Cabinet Hardware Hose Clamps Flat Springs Hand Truck Manufacturers Coiled Gardening Hoses Screw Clips Car Wash Tools Manufacturers Air Cutters Air Die Grinder Air Drill Air Hammer Air Hammers Air Impact Wrenches Air Knife Air Nail Guns Air Nailers Air Ratchet Wrenches Air Riveters Air Sanders Air Saw Air Screwdrivers Air Shears Air Spray Guns Air Wrench Angle Die Grinders Angle Grinder Caulking Guns Die Grinders Disc Sanders Drill Hammers Nail Guns Orbital Sanders Ratchet Wrench Cutting Knives Diamond Blades Diamond Tool Manufacturers Rotary Cutters Saw Blade Manufacturers Tile Cutting Tool Wire Cutters Wood Cutting Tools Wood Knives Flat Garden Hoses Flat Hoses Garden Power Tools Garden Rubber Hoses Garden Tool Kits Garden Tool Sets Metal Shears Shears Manufacturers Angle Drills Diamond Blade Manufacturers Measuring Tapes Reversible Drills Socket Wrenches Wire Clamp Wood Working Clamps Angle Grinders Drill Bits Electric Die Grinders Hammer Drills Hand Winch Power Bits Power Drill Bits Power Nailer Power Winches Rotary Hammers Adjustable Wrenches Air Impact Tools Air Tool Kits Clamp Kits Construction Tools Diagonal Pliers Garden Hand Tools Grease Guns Hex Key & Hex Key Set Glue Guns Impact Wrenches Impact Wrench Mallet Manufacturers Measure Tapes Measuring Tools Pliers Pliers Manufacturers Ratchet Screwdrivers Scissor Manufacturers Screwdrivers Bits Screwdriver Bits Shovel Shovel Manufacturers Socket Tools Sets Spanner Wrenches Stripping Tools Tool Holders Utility Knives Vernier Calipers Wood Chisels Booster Cables Power Wires Safety Nails Steel Nails Micro Screws Twist Locks Water Testers O Ring Cords, Oring Cords Teflon Seals Ratchet Pullers Spring Clips Calipers Neoprene Products PVC Strips Air Compressor Pumps Booster Pumps Rotary Pumps Glass Fibers Neoprene Manufacturers Air Guns Rubber Strips Silicon Metal Lamp Holders Luggage Handles Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Electric Knives Halogen Work Light Laser Lamps Spot Lamp Lamp Sockets, Lamp Holders Floor Lamp Manufacturers Halogen Lamps Safety Scissors Camping Supply Flashlight Manufacturers Tape Guns Rubber Tapes Tape Measure Manufacturers Teflon Tapes Cable Locks Digital Lock, Digital Door Locks Disc Locks Shear Locks Metal Detectors Ear Protector Metal Detector Manufacturers Safety Glasses Manufacturer Goggles Manufacturers Helmets Safety Glove Spray Washers Hand Pallet Trucks Pallet Trucks Laser Machines Laser Cutting Machines Laser Metal Cuttings Metal Cutting Blades Wire Machine Tools Metal Cutting Saws Metal Working Machines Die Cutter Manufacturers Die Cutting Machines Rubber Cutters Rubber Cutting Machines Splitting Machines Cable Machines Wire Stripping Machines WoodWorking Drill Bits Bench Grinders Fork Trucks Rotary Grinders Tool Grinder LAN Testers Car Boosters Adjustable Rings Work Glove Wood Floors Car Locks Light Sockets Combination Wrenches Rubber Hoses
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