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Diamond Blade Manufacturers

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Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd.

(1) Hardware, Hand Tools & Metal Product- 40pcs 3/8" & 1/4"Dr. Socket Wrench Set., ABS Plastic Wheel Reflecting Cover, Acrylic parts by diamond or laser cutting, Aluminum Parts, Ball for Valve in stainless steel (custom-made), Blades & Knifes, Bolts.Anchors, Bonded Washer, Cable Clamp, Casting Tube, Clutch needles and Pins, Custom-Made Plastic Spring & Clip Parts, Dial, Double Sided Tape, Driller, Electrical Insulating Tape, Fiexible Conduit, Flash Light Tool Kit, Grease Nipple, Hanger Tool, Hook,

Kou Sheng Feng Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) portable lifters, drywall lifters, cargo lifters, passenger lifters, material lifters, portable glass lifters, glass lifters, industrial lifting equipments, lift kits. (2) diamond core drills, hand-held diamond core drills, vacuum pumps, drill rigs, diamond core bits. (3) wall cutters, hydraulic cutting main sets, hydraulic pumps, wall cutter accessory, blades. (4) OEM, ODM.

Jiangsu Guotai Int'l Group Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

variety handtools & hardwares- (1) plier, comblination pliers, flat & round nose pliers, snip nose pliers, water pump pliers, wire stripping pliers, end cutter, heavy duty side cutters, power side cutters, diagonal cutters. (2) wrenches & spanners- combination wrenches, adjustable wrench, wrenches set, reversible ratchet handles, ratchet spanner set, rim wrench, hex key kits. (3) air hand tools- air impact & ratchet wrenches, air grinders, air die grinder, air hammers, air drills, air snaders, air orbital s

Best Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

industrial ( industry) tools, diamond tools & blades- (1) PCD & PCBN turning tools, diamond tools & blades, metal bonded diamond tools, CBN internal grinding tools, ultrasonic lapping machines ( machinery, machineries), ceramic fiber stones. (2) mounted points, oil polishing stones. (3) air ( pneumatic) grinders & lappers. (4) electric ( electrical, electronic) tools- power controllers, straight rotary handpieces, hand ( handy) chamfering machines.

US POKO (Hong Kong) Technologies Company Limited

Manufacturer fashion tungsten jewelry & man accessory & tungsten carbide tools, such as tungsten rings, tungsten pendants, tungsten man accessory, carbide cutting tools, water meter parts, hard metal shaft, setting shell tungsten bracelet, cross tungsten pendant, unique tungsten pendant, dog tag, unique tungsten ring, carbide cutting tool, wire stripping blade, faceted tungsten cufflink, tungsten earring, tungsten jewelry set, tungsten tie clip, tungsten button.

Dalian Tianheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

desiccants, series of bentonites, series of cat litters, diamond blades, parts of equipment, series of bearings, molecular sieves.

Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd.

laser welding, laser welded saw blades, cup grinding wheels, diamond core bits, tuck point saw blades, resin grinding wheels, brazed saw blades, sintered saw blades, diamond segments, diamond saw blades.

Beijing Tiandi Orient Superhard Materials Co., Ltd.

laser welding, single crystal diamond, chemical vapor disposition diamonds, laser welding diamond tools, laser welding diamond saw blades.

Kinik Company Ltd.

industry ( industrial) hand ( handy) tools, diamond tools & blades- traditional grinding wheels, CBN & diamond tools, PCD polycrystalline diamond tools, grinding tools, PVD & CVD diamond coated tools, brazing diamond tools, diamond wafers, mounted wheels, molding ( molded, moulding, moulded) glass lens, hubless blades, polishing tapes, bonding tools.

Xiamen Dongnan New Stone Tools Co., Ltd.

jig saw blade, jig saw blades, flexible pads, diamond discs, diamond cup wheels, diamond router bits, diamond profiling wheels, core drills, diamond cup wheels, diamond bricks for oscillating heads and polishing pads for floor retreading machine.

Hongia Industry Co., Ltd.

super abrasives& diamond tools including sintered, resinoid,
electroplated diamond& CBN tool, mounted points, diamond& CBN mounted
contour tools, diamond dental burs, laboratory dental tools,
diamond saw blades, diamond& CBN wheels, diamond drills, dressers,
turning tools, len periphery diamond grinding wheels, diamond files&
diamond nail files, diamond compound, diamond plated paper& wheels,
diamond powder, formed wheels for marble profilling, diamond plated stone

Tianli Tools Co., Ltd.

woodworking accessories, carbide alloy electric hammer drills, sets with wooden case, diamond saw blades.

Wuhan Wanbang Laser Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

laser welding, laser welded diamond saw blades for general purpose, laser welded diamond saw blades for concrete, laser welded diamond saw blades for asphalt.

Carbo Tzujan Industrial Co., Ltd.

industrial ( industry) hand tools ( handtools) supplies ( supply)- aluminum ( aluminium) oxide wheels, silicon carbide wheels, honing & sharpening stones, diamond & CBN tools, high precision diamond & thin blades, diamond & CBN centreless wheels, profile wheels, continuous diamond blades, wire saws, diamond dressers, electroplated files & grinding wheels, electroplated mounted points & products.

Taiwan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

industry ( industrial) diamond tools supply ( supplies)- diamond blades & tools, CBN grinding wheels, cutting wheels, sawing & turning tools, diamond dresses, bites, PCD multi edged ( multi-edged) blades, diamond circular saws, carbide tipped saw blades for wood cutting, diamond core bits, diamond scribers, electroplated tools, diamond polishing, diamond wire saws & drillers ( drilling), diamond wire drawing dies, Diamond powder, PCD ( Polycrystalline Diamond) and PCBN ( Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride)

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Changyu Metal Machinery Co., Ltd.

jig saw blades, jig saw blade, carbide coated hole saws, bi-metal hole saws, carbon steel hole saws, 65Mn hole saws, diamond hole saws, bi-metal high speed steel reciprocating saw blades, carbide coated curved saws.

Shall Company

jig saw blades, jig saw blade, arbors, wood working drills, wood flat bits, diamond blades, slab cutters, impact drills, core drills.

SANG Diamono Tools Co., LTD.

laser welding, laser welded saw blades, multi blade circular saws, diamond segments, diamond blades, frame saw blades, diamond wires, diamond core drill bits, diamond cup wheels, diamond polishing pads, finger bits, diamond metal grinding blocks.

Shanghai STAL Precision Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

pressure relief valve, diamond ID saw blade, textile parts, hypodermic needle, piston ring spacers.

Shanghai Qianjun Tool Co., Ltd.

diamond dies, TCT circular saw blades, diamond core drills, resin cutting discs.


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