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Ningbo Golna Parts Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Golna Parts Co., Ltd.

home appliance components & parts- (1) automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, vehicles) components, auto parts, auto part- air conditioner spare parts, thermostats. (2) refrigerator spare parts- compressors, fan motors, guard grids, metal rings, fan motors, defrost timers, bi metal ( defrost thermostat), thermal fuses, defrost heaters, frame & wire heaters, overload protectors, relays, thermostats, fan blowers & blades, bulb holders, door switches, starting capacitors, condensers, evaporators, refrigerant. (3) washing machine spare parts- speed reducers, P shafts, pulleys, pulsators, leather cups, dryer brakes, couplings, spin inner tubs, motor pulleys, wash motors, spin motors, capacitors, spin & wash timers, magnet coils, water & magnet pumps, synchronous pumps, water valves. (4) air conditioner spare parts- thermostats, overload, relay, capacitors, selector switches, condensers, evaporators, axial fan motors, brackets, fan blades, motors, water pumps, compressors. (5) vacuum cleaner ( canister) parts, heating thermostat, vacuum cleaner motors. (6) fittings- pressure meter & meter valves, latch hinges, refrigeration solid, copper & brass products.

Manufacturers and exporters in the home appliance components, including washing machine spare parts, refrigerator spare parts, air conditioner spare parts, vacuume cleaner spare parts, heater spare parts, etc.
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Country: China
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application of air conditioning, refrigeration storage and heat pump,
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special desigend motor.


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