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Evaporator Manufacturers

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A Cooler Industrial Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

Supplier of expansion valve for car air conditioning system used as well as car repair tools, HVAC tools, thermostatic (thermal) expansion valves, automatic expansion valves, AC expansion valves, charging valves, vibration damping bellows, pressure gauges, dry filters, sight glass, ball valves, diaphragm hand valves, solenoid valves, and so on.

Gamela Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

Manufacturer of automotive parts, such as air conditioning parts, car repair tools, HVAC tools, A/C dyes, radiators, alternator & starters, receiver driers, accumulators, expansion valves, fan clutches, compressors, metal & HNBR gaskets, scroll rings, lip & shaft seals, condensers, evaporators, A/C hose fittings, o-rings, thermometers, testing manifolds, auto quick couplers, spring luck coupler tools, valve core tools, flush kits, dye & oil injectors, pipe cutters, and etc.

Shanghai Electric International Economic & Trading Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, roll bond evaporators, wire on tube evaporators, production lines, refrigeration components, optics, meters, trailers, non-woven cloth, tunnel fixing bolts, casting, forging.

Shanghai Velle Auto Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, capacities, condensers, air conditioner control systems of intelligence, thermal expansion valves, pipelines of air condition systems

Wuxi Mashan Heat Exchanger Manufacturer : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, combined coolers for compressors, intercoolers, air separation heat exchangers, coolers for pre-cooling and evaporation in cooling dryers, combined coolers, coolers with fans.

Jiangsu Fengrun Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, evaporator & condenser for a/c or air-conditioners, copper tube, fine type evaporators, fin type evaporators, refrigeration fittings, roll bond evaporators, dehumidifiers, water-box used for automobile

Foshan Gaoming Tianlin Techlink Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, heatable travel mugs, heatable ice cream scoops, heatable ice scrapers, condensers.

Henan New Kelong Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, condensers, roll bond evaporators, fin evaporators, cooper tubes, electric power materials, pressure containers, automobile heat radiators, conveyers.

Yunlong Chemical Equipment : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, stainless steel pressure vessels, glass lined equipments, conveyance machine, stainless steel tubing.

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, heat exchanger, packing ( pack, package, packaging) machines, automatic bagging and palletizing line, palletizing machinery, electronic weighing scale, liquid weighing and filling equipment, granular materials filling scales, continuous materials distribution scale, auto-sealing quantitative electronic equipment, moveable bagging machine, stainless steel chain conveyors, screw type conveyor machines, pressure vessels, reactors, low temperature pressure vessel, evaporation disillation, towers, s...

Shengzhou Shuangli Refrigerated Appliance Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

evaporators, air coolers, air-cooling condensers, evaporators for commercial refrigerated display cabinets, condensers for commercial refrigerated display cabinets, air conditionings for workshop, relevant refrigerating fittings.

Shanghai Accessen New-Tech Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger units, shell-and-plate heating exchanger, AKSS series, brazed/welded plate heat exchanger, attemperating and pressure reducing devices, plate type evaporators & condensers.

Beijing KWF Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

automation instrument, laboratory equipment, environmental detecting instruments, ecological instrument, PH meter, conductivity meter, DO meters, gas ditector( multi-sensor), gas ditector meter ( signal sensor), soil nutrient rapid tester, soil moisture tester, soil moisture-temperature tester, multi-parameter soil moisture recorder, digital soil-hardness meter, soil compactness meter, chlorophyll tester, protable living leaf area meter, temperature, illuminance,humidity recorder, photons meter, meat moistu...

TYTC Scientific Tech. Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

laboratory scale spray dryers, electric muffle chamber furnaces, ashing furnaces, tube furnaces, encapsulation/ immobilisation system, vacuum pumps, freeze dryers ( drying, dry) machines, concentrators, rotary evaporators, evaporation systems, homogenizers, shakers, micro plate readers, micro plate washers, chemistry analyzers, centrifuges, UV/ visible spectrophotometer, Nitrogen determining instruments.

Zhongshan CLG Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

spinning machines, pipe benders, CNC pipe spinning machines, Condensor and Evaporator benders, equipments for pipe production.

Linhai East-Ocean Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

centrifugal blowers, refrigerants, compressors, condensing units, condenser & evaporators, manifold & gauges, separator & exchangers, charging equipments, automobile spare parts, electric spare parts, recovery equipments, valves.

Taishing Electric-Machine Co. Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

(1) electric motor, electrical motor, electronic motor, customized electric motor- DC motor, DC electric motor for cooler, heater, engine cooling for bus and cars, sender, fuel gauges for automobile, motorcycle and sledge. (2) wind blades, sirocco fans, axial flow fans, DC fan, evaporator blowers, dc fan, dc fans, radiator fans, condenser fans, windshield washer, reserve tank- radiator, power steering tank, gasoline tank, oil tank. (3) cars ( automobiles, automotive, vehicles ) electric/ electrical parts, a...

Sundoz Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

truck part, truck parts- (1) relay & foot brake valves, four circuit protection & unloaded valves, trailer control & leveling valves, load sensing & automated ball valves, solenoid & inhibitor valves, 4/2 directional control valves, quick release & emergency relay valves, hand brake & double check valves, dual circuit protection valves, trailer relegate valves, non return valves, main shut off valves, air directional control & park brake control valves, 3, 4 way ball valves, electric valves, aluminum soleno...

Gin-Chern Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

auto parts ( automotive, automobile, vehicle aftermarket oem custom car parts, spare parts ), high performance auto part, auto air conditioning part, auto air conditioner parts, climatic control products-(1) car A/C receiver drier (dryer) for universal application, Opel, Parker, Nisson, Honda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Jaguar, Saab, Pegeot, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Chrysler, Renault, Volvo, Subaru, Volkswagon, Mazda, Citroen, Caterpiller, Lancia, Fiat, Renault, Jeep, Porsche, Hyundai, Bus.(2) auto cabin air filter. (3) ...

Ningbo Golna Parts Co., Ltd. : Evaporator Manufacturers

home appliance components & parts- (1) automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, vehicles) components, auto parts, auto part- air conditioner spare parts, thermostats. (2) refrigerator spare parts- compressors, fan motors, guard grids, metal rings, fan motors, defrost timers, bi metal ( defrost thermostat), thermal fuses, defrost heaters, frame & wire heaters, overload protectors, relays, thermostats, fan blowers & blades, bulb holders, door switches, starting capacitors, condensers, evaporators, refrigera...


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