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Hangzhou Rongxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Rongxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

ozone generators, ozone O3 water treatment machines, gas and water mixture device, ozone density testers, air purifiers, ozone fittings, flow meters, PVDF injectors, high frequency and voltage power module, one way check valves, ozone generating unit, gas and water mixing devices, oxygen generator.

Hangzhou Rongxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialized in development, design and manufacture of ozone equipment. Over more than a decade since its founding, the company has experienced continuous growth with the concerns and cares of the insiders and has taken a shape of the scale production of "ican" brand ozone generating equipment and a series of products including various ozone corollary equipment and so on. On the original CFY series, "ican" brand ozone generator has been one after another developed into CFZY series of air-typed ozone generators, CFK series of air-typed ozone generators, CFKZ series of air-typed ozone generators, CFK-K series of open-air typed ozone generators and other new products to cater for different sectors and customers. Over years, we have accumulated rich experience through the uninterrupted exploration and practice in the disinfection and sterilization craft. Xiamen Yinxiang, Henan Aodeli, Hebei Xuris-heng, Yunnan Tianwaitian, Yunnan Shanquan, Shenzhen yibao, Shenzhen Jingtian, Sh-enzhen Wutongshan, Shenzhen Jintaiyang, Ningbo Kaikai, Hangzhou Hupao, Hangzhou Ailimai Pharmaceuticals, Tianjin Baitoushan Pharmaceuticals, Shan'xi Guanshan Milk Industry, Heilongjiang Jinyi Wudalianchi and other more than one thousand of well-Kn-own enterprises have been our users on long term. We are sincerely gratified to see their continual growth and expansion over the several years. "Specialized Production and Intensified Service" is our unchangeable promise. We are willing to exploit and make vigorous progress hand in hand with friends in all circles for a common development and common creation of nice future.
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Country: China
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