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Mega Formosa Tec Limited


Mega Formosa Tec Limited

1. PCB assembly
2. Plastic molding
3. CNC machining
4. Sheet metal
5. Die casting
6. power supply
7. Cable assembly

Mega Formosa Tec provides a sourcing service for companies looking to benefit from the lower manufacturing costs in Taiwan and China. We can provide the design or customized sourcing to simplify and cost down new product, then reach customers’ request. By using our service sourcing, customers minimize risk and avoid the costly process of finding, approving and managing suppliers. Our team use their local knowledge to negotiate the best prices and are on hand to closely oversee projects. We also can project manage individual piece parts, sub-assemblies or fully built and tested product. Our main areas of expertise are printed circuit board, plastic injection moldings, CNC machined parts, sheet metalwork, die castings, power supply, cable assemblies.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Lucy Lin
Telephone: 886-6-2501670
Fax: 886-6-2501670
Address: No. 753, 4 Section, Ming-Quan Road, An-Ping District, Tainan City 700, Taiwan
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