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Marine Delta International Co., Ltd.


Marine Delta International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fishing equipments, fishing gears supply lead core lines, pp braided lead sinker ropes, PP multifilament lines braided leads sinker ropes, polyester lead rope, lead weights, egg sinkers, nylon braided twines, cordages, builder lines, nylon bricklayer lines, polyester VB cords, polyester ventian blind cords, curtain cord, spun polyester hanging twines, PE twine, mountain climbing ropes, anchor ropes, PP danlines, nylon/ PE fishing nets, oyster net bags, nylon mono lines, PP/ PE water ski ropes, black fishing lines, stainless steel ( metal) wires, hanging hooks, drop blood knife, fish freshness testers, blood rinsing tubes, marine flashing lights, marine signal lights, squid light wares, marine working lights, marine wall light, marine flood light, portable handy working lamp, hid outdoor light, fast rigid snap eye bolts, marine electronics, electrocution fish killers, frozen squid for swordfish longline tuna baits, other frozen fish baits.

Marine Delta International Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based supplier and specializes in longline fishing gears, commercial fishing gears, marine supplies, boat supplies, frozen squid for swordfish longline tuna baits, chemicals and cleaning supplies, etc. Our main products are covering tuna long line fishing gears, lead sinker rope, lead sinkers, fishing net, cast net, nylon twine, cordage, braided rope, marine rope, fishing floats, main line, branch line, nylon monofilament fishing line, fishing hooks, swivels, snaps, radio buoys, working gloves, garden gloves, palm coating gloves, working wears, rain coat, knifes, fishing tools, outboard engine motor, spares parts for outboard engine motor, life jacket, life buoy, rescue tube, swimming board, strobe light, LED signal light, marine light, chemicals, cleaning supplies, fleetguard filters, frozen squid bait, frozen sanma bait and other frozen fish baits. We are the most reliable & honest supplier and cost-efficient fishing gears for commercial fishing and sporting fishing. Trust Marine Delta can support you and provide the best service to find whatever you need. Our high quality products and very competitive price can help you further lower your costs, increase sales, and acquire greater market shares in your target markets. If you have interested in our products, please feel free to contact us or visit our website. And we also much welcome your inquiry via our e-mail marine.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Amanda Liang
Telephone: 886-7-5559270
Fax: 886-7-5559222
Address: 13F-1, No. 78, Qinghai Road, Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan
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