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C.M.Machinery Industrial Technology Co ., Ltd.


C.M.Machinery Industrial Technology Co ., Ltd.

precision mold making supply ( supplies)- precision mold, precision molds, mold ( moulds, molding, moulding) maker, mold makers, mold makings, household furniture moldings, automotive and motorcycle part moulds, sports goods moldings, building materials moulding, electronic appliances molds, tablewares moulds, plastic injection moldings, die castings, injection molds, plastic molds, mould, moulds, injection moldings ( moulds), die casting molds, aluminum mold makings, base molds, custom injection mold makings, custom molders, household molds, in mold decoration, insert moldings, metal mold making, mold making and casting, mold making materials, molded products, overmolding, plastic insert moldings, cast plastic moldings, ceramic & co injection moldings, die injection molding plastic, husky injection moldings, injection blow moldings, injection molding process, injection molding thermoplastic, insert & liquid injection moldings, liquid silicone & medical injection moldings, metal & micro injection moldings, molding injection compression, powder & precision injection & rubber moldings, rubber & silicone rubber injection mold ( moulds, molding, moulding), two shot injection moldings, compression plastic moldings, home plastic moldings, medical plastic moldings, plastic dip moldings, plastic trim & vacuum moldings, plastic wall moldings, rubber molds ( moulds, molding, moulding), custom molded rubber products, molding rubber thermoplastic, rubber base molding, rubber casting molds, rubber compression molding, rubber floor molding, rubber mold & rubber molding, rubber transfer molding, silicone rubber molds, China moulds, rapid & plastic prototyping toolings, mobile & cell phone part, automotive parts moldings, mold designs, blow mold designs, design epoxy molds, telephones & copiers molds, computers & multimedia speakers moldings, custom plastic products, plastic molded products, plastic components, plastic balls, plastic containers & buckles, plastic anchors & hangers, plastic spoon & pipe fittings, plastic & plastic tableware, plastic cups & bottles & trays, plastic case & food container, plastic chairs, plastic caps, plastic water pipes, knobs and tubing, plastic utility boxes, plastic engineering, engineering plastic machining, extruded plastic, nylon, plastic accessories, plastic balls, plastic buckles, plastic cap closures, plastic cards, plastic chrome plating, plastic components , plastic fitting, plastic holsters, plastic regrinds & seals, plastic toolings, PVC compound & tubes, shrink sleeves, silicon, TPE compounds, two shot molding.

Manufacturer of precision mold, including household furniture moldings, automotive and motorcycle part moulds, sports goods moldings and building materials moulding.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. John Tien
Telephone: 886-4-22711286
Fax: 886-4-22711178
Address: No. 2, 17th lndustrial Rd., Taiping Township, Taichung Hsian 411, Taiwan R.O.C, Taiwan
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