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Daiyichen Lapel Pin & Metal Badge


Daiyichen Lapel Pin & Metal Badge

we provide jewelry ( christmas, mini, eagle) lapel ( tie, printing, epola) pins, precious metal pins/gifts, enamel emblems ( hard enamels, cloisonné, soft enamels, imitation enamels), medallions, security ( safe, safety, surveillance, junior police, metal, name, reel, infrared, car, grill) badges , photo etched ( etching) metal products, promotional ( retractable, lanyard, acrylic, wood, reflective, led) key chains, award medals, coins, bow tie clips, promotional gifts, novelty ( cupcake) embroidered patches, custom made products.

Company Profile:Daiyichen Co. Ltd is the company that emphasize constant innovation, product sourcing and customer satisfaction. In pursuing the goal, we insist to win customer sponsorship and support through high quality and varieties of products, the on-time, reliable product shipping, and further to seek opportunity to become the trust-worthy and long-term business partner and supplier. We specialize in fine handicraft products for all occasions; product lines include client-customized lapel pins, precious metal pins, gifts, enamel emblems (hard enamels, cloisonne, soft enamels, and imitation enamels), epola pins, medallions, police badges, security badges, printing pins, custom designed lapel pins, photo etched metal products, key chains, award medals, coins, car/grill badges, tie clips, promotional gifts, embroidered patches, and others etc. We always work hard to maintain high-standard quality of products and customer service. We are flexible of your business needs and offer competitive price. We believe that our past professional experience in the industry enables us to be your most reliable associate.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Julian Chen
Telephone: 886-2-23058127
Fax: 886-2-23054628
Address: No.43, Sec.3, Hwan-He S. Rd., Taiepi City 108, Taiwan
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