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Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd.

(1) Hardware, Hand Tools & Metal Product- 40pcs 3/8" & 1/4"Dr. Socket Wrench Set., ABS Plastic Wheel Reflecting Cover, Acrylic parts by diamond or laser cutting, Aluminum Parts, Ball for Valve in stainless steel (custom-made), Blades & Knifes, Bolts.Anchors, Bonded Washer, Cable Clamp, Casting Tube, Clutch needles and Pins, Custom-Made Plastic Spring & Clip Parts, Dial, Double Sided Tape, Driller, Electrical Insulating Tape, Fiexible Conduit, Flash Light Tool Kit, Grease Nipple, Hanger Tool, Hook, Hose Clamp, Industrial Tape, Japanese style Opener for paint Can- Custom-Made, Lock, Magic Cable Tie, Magnetic Clip, Magnetic Hook, Mini Tool Kit, Multi-Purpose Drill Hole Level Ruler, Nail Cable Clip, Nuts, Nuts With Nylon, Nylon Cable Gland, Packaging Tape, Parts For Low Rider, Product Lathe, PVC Corrugated Sheet, Ring binders, Round Type Wiring Duct, Screwdriver Sets, Screws, Screw On Wire Connector, Snap Button, Socket Set, Spiral Wrapping Band, Spring Clip, Stainless Steel Cable Ties & Hose Clamps, Strapping Machine, Telephone Wiring Duct, Terminal, Tool Box, Tool Box in Plastic, Tool Kit, Washers.Rings.Pins.Hex Keys, Wiring Accessories, Wiring Duct. (2) Food- Tremella Fuciformis Berk. (3) Household- Armband, Bag Handle, Baggage Sling, Bath Brush, Bell, Belt Clip, Bottle Opener & Corkscrew, Cake Mold, Carpenter Pencil, Casual Shoe, Curtain Tassel Hanger, Curtain Frame, Expander, Hair Brush, Ice Cube Tray, Magic Straws & Muddlers, Magic Towel, Manicure Set, Merry Christmas Tree, Mini Notebooks, Modern Plastic Chairs, Mop Stand, Non-woven bag, Paper Bag, Paper Cup, Pin, Plastic Goods with blow or injection molds, PVC Flooring Mat, PVC Hook Bag, Slippers, Sport Mug, Squeezemate, Survival Kit Metal Box, Toilet Plunger, Travel Case. (4) Gift- Acrylic Paper Weight, Badges & Tie Clip – Plain, Badges, Pins, Medallion & Tie Clip- Custom Made Design, Ball Pen, Bounce Ball of Vivid Smile, Crystal Handset Hanging Ornament, Crystal Name Card Clips, Crystal Paper Weight, Desk Bell, Dog Tags & Badge & Silencers, Gift box – Custom Made Design, Golf Balls, Glow Bracelet, I.D. Tag, Lazurite Crystal Accessories, Lazurite Crystal Medal, Lazurite Crystal Stamp Cup, Magnet, Metal Jewelry Box, Mind Boggling Metal Puzzles, Miniature Metal Gift, Mobile Telephone Straps & Lanyards, Belt, Paper Puzzle, Plastic Card, PU Foam Toy, Pull Reels Series Product, Purse Hanger, PVC cup cover, PVC Toy, Rubber Small Toy, Rubber Sponge Ball, Silicon IPOD case/Cellphone cover/ASHTRAY, Silicon Ring, Souvenir Spoon, Tag, Tie - Custom Made Designs. (5) Stationery- Book Mark, CD & CD Case, Chipboard Book, Jumbo Pencil - Custom Made Design, Letter Opener, Magnifying glass & Slice, Marker Pen, Memo Clip Holder, Music Clock, Pen Holder, Pencil, Promotional Ball Pen, Promotional Ruler, PVC/PU spring, Roller Damper, Stationery Tape, Sticker. (6) Pet Product- Choke Chain, Dog Leashes, Dog Pole, Feeding Bowls, Harness, Leash & Lead for Pet, Pet Bag, Pet Tool Kit Set, Pet Toothbrush, Pet Toy.

Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. We have over 20 years work experiences in metal gifts and hardware. Since 1995, we have built a trading department specializing in export marketing. Specialize in custom - made items & designs. Prices depend on designs, packing and order volume. And OEM orders and buyer's design logo packing requirements are accepted. We have confident that we can provide professional services ensuring punctuality at reasonable prices. Besides, strict standards of quality control are applied throughout production and inspection before every shipment. Our finance condition & industrial reputation are excellent. If you should have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Andy Wu
Telephone: 886-4-8530570
Fax: 886-4-8531722
Address: No. 9-17, Nanshin Lane, Nanshin Village, Dacun Township, Changhua County 51543, Taiwan
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Today: 3530; This Month: 3530
This Year: 3530; Total: 3530


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