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Y.T. Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Y.T. Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd.

we provide various valves- aluminum alloy & bicycle valves, motorcycle & passenger car valves, tube & large bore tractor valves, industrial tank & absorber valves, invisible & fitting valves, freon & hydraulic valves, snap in & clamp in valves, stainless steel braided flexible extensions, valve extension caps, schrader adapters, Presta adaptors, sockets, keys, nuts, bolts, top & lug nuts, easy pumps, caps, sleeves, grommets, bushings, washers, core housings, anodized alloy sleeves & caps, tire repair tools gauges & wrench sockets, inserting, reaming, rasp, splitting, plug patches, string sealing, air chuck valves, monunting, pliers, levers, valve repairing, core removers, bicycle tools, wrenches, sockets, nipples, wheel hub caps, wheel discs, aluminum forging wheel spacers, pepper & salt milling, lug nuts & bolts for wheel rims, connectors, traditional camera cables, incenses, core mounting machine, tire & tube curing machinery, butyl reclaim rubbers, petroleum resin.

Y.T. Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded in 1993. We are the manufacturer of various aluminum alloy valves of motorcycle, passenger car, tube, truck & bus, largebore tractor, air-liquid and flexible, tetal & plastic extension & adaptors. Business expands to Europe, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, South East Asia, Mid & South America, Middle East, Taiwan, etc. If you are interest our products, contact us, we will offer you the best price and superior high quality. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Bill Chen
Telephone: 886-7-6951569
Fax: 886-7-6952370
Address: No. 16, Lane 279, Tai Ping Rd., Luju Township, Kaohsiung County 82142, Taiwan
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