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Mch Industrial Co., Ltd.


Mch Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial rubber parts, products include oil seals, auto rubber parts, driveshaft bushings, auto air-conditioning systems rubber parts, autos and motorcycles rubber parts, TPV parts, medical instruments rubber products, o ring cords o ring seals, bonded seals, plastic & hydraulic parts, rubber gaskets, rubber seals, oil seal tolerances, agricultural machinery seals, polyurethane U-packing and bonded seals, seal series of teflon (PTFE), bearing & valve stem seals, bearing covers, gamma rings & seals, bonded seals (washer seals), metal parts, mechanical seals, metal bonding products, CV joint boots, anti dust bushings, rubber bushes, and PU O rings.

Being a specialized rubber manufacturer, MCH Industrial Co., Ltd. always invests in chasing excellent quality and gaining customer’s credence. Founded in 2004, we have enjoyed all of the benefits of advanced technology and design in the rubber industry. A wide range of models and styles are developed to fulfill your sourcing need. We are very proud of our firm belief in good product quality satisfactions. In addition, steady management and exploration in increasing our capacity and the regulation on man power. Nowadays, we own 28,800 square feet of the land area and flexible working system (three-sheet) to focus on automotive, industrial and professional shock-proof related components and products. Not only turning our self to serve domestic clients, but also considering oversea customers. Our commitment to sincerity, constant innovation and distinction leads to multiple product matrix, including different tubes and related vital developments. We look forward to the foremost provider in the rubber field in the world and give our clients reliable and elastic collaboration.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Hsiao Lin Wu
Telephone: 886-5-6322565
Fax: 886-5-6322665
Address: No. 30-20, Chung Nan,Yanping Lin, Huwei Town, Yunlin County 632, Taiwan
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