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Chang Yih Enterprise Ltd.


Chang Yih Enterprise Ltd.

as a professional rubber products & parts supplies, we offer variety of- (1) rubber part, rubber product, rubber seal, rubber extrusion, rubber extrusions, rubber molding parts, silicone rubbers, rubber molds, precision rubber moldings. (2) industrial rubbers- texture fiber reinforced hoses. (3) marine rubbers- mufflers, petrolium hoses, hand pump, shipping loops. (4) medical rubbers- silicone rubber tubings ( tubes) and rubber foots. (5) sports rubbers- treadmill rubber belts, rubber grips, tensile rubber loops and bowling accessory ( accessories). (6) rubber molded products- rubber gaskets, rubber bellows, rubber pumps, valve packings, bushings, oil seals, rubber caps, mufflers, rubber sheets. (7) rubber extruded products- treadmill belts, foam grips, rubber hoses, silicone tubings, o ring cords and S irregular shape foam extrusions. (8) custom rubber design, metal bonded and automotive ( auto, automobile, cars) rubbers, rubber metals bondings ( bonds), rubber sponges, rubber injection products, abrication rubber sheet, conductive keypads, valve.

Chang Yih Enterprise Ltd. was founded in 1973 as an professional manufacturer of rubber products and accessories, which cover full ranges of Molded Parts and Extruded Parts, Injection or different applications on Industry, Marine, Automotive, Medical,Agriculture, Constructuion and sporting purpose Our 30 years experiences on these materials gives us the expertise to design and manufacture a product " that meets your application needs. Chang Yih is fully and firmly committed to total quality control in all aspects of our operations. Our goal is to consistently provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed mutually agreed upon specifications and timetables. Forbearing deeply in mind of our membership with our Company Principles - Rapid Response Quick Verification, Zero Defects Production, Cost-effectiveness and Trustworthiness – Chang Yih's success is beyond doubt. Sparing no effort, we have been leading to a Win-Win prospects between Chang Yih & Customers. Chang Yih has developed strong relationships with several key component suppliers and , its trading division, Richen Corporation, who is also the joint ventures of some other high tech Industries, is able to offer you complete parts purchasing services to meet vour requirements and keep your costs as low as possible. To buy from Richen brings you the advantage not only from Chang Yih's purchasing power but also the quality is guaranteed by Chang Yih's quality team.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Jack Lin
Telephone: 886-2-26953333
Fax: 886-2-26958686
Address: No. 69, Kang Ning Street., Hsichih City, Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan
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