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Midas Union Trading Co., Ltd.


Midas Union Trading Co., Ltd.

We provide (1) screw- chipboard & furniture & machine screw, miniature & self tapping & self drilling screw, SEMS, wood & set & lag screw, wing screws, thread cutting & drywall & connect screw, cap screw. (2) bolt- carriage & eye bolts, flange & high strength & hex head bolt, square & washer head bolt, T.C. bolt, U & square U bolts, structural & wheel & plow bolts, elevator & track bolts, aluminum & titanium bolts, special bolts. (3) nuts- weld & coupling & flange nuts, nylon insert & machine screw nuts, finished hex & kep & tee nut, wing & wheel nuts. (4) washers- flat & spring & special washer. (5) OEM & ODM.

Midas Union Trading Co., Ltd. is a company established in 1986 and approved by ISO 9001 Accreditation. We have our own production facility specializing in all kind of standard fasteners and customized OEM/ODM industrial components. We have enjoyed a supreme reputation in the field and aim to be your one-stop source for customized fasteners. Midas Union can offer vast range product with engineering taskforce and OEM/ODM total solution for our customers. For over 22 years, Midas Union has been playing a successful role in assisting our customers as an engineering interface with remarkable records. From even just an idea to a prototype sample to successful bulk production, we aim to help the team works and well consolidate our job. In the era of global sourcing and collaboration, Midas Union is well ready to serve you. When specials are needed and when quality counts, Midas Union is at least worth a try.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Morris Chien
Telephone: 886-7-6213959
Fax: 886-7-6214466
Address: No. 25, Lane 30, Jiasin W Rd., Gangshan, Kaohsiung 820, Taiwan
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