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Silicon Iron

There are 9 manufacturers in this Silicon Iron category, the follows are 1 - 9 [Page 1]:
Listings of Silicon Iron Manufacturers & Silicon Iron Suppliers

Midas Union Trading Co., Ltd. : Silicon Iron

We provide (1) screw- chipboard & furniture & machine screw, miniature & self tapping & self drilling screw, SEMS, wood & set & lag screw, wing screws, thread cutting & drywall & connect screw, cap screw. (2) bolt- carriage & eye bolts, flange & high strength & hex head bolt, square & washer head bolt, T.C. bolt, U & square U bolts, structural & wheel & plow bolts, elevator & track bolts, aluminum & titanium bolts, special bolts. (3) nuts- weld & coupling & flange nuts, nylon insert & machine screw nuts, fi...

Swing Golf Inc. : Silicon Iron

Manufacturer of golf and industrial supplies, products include- (1) golf woods, golf heads- aluminum & stainless steel golf club heads, titanium aluminum woods, forged titanium golf club heads, titanium drivers, golf iron heads, and custom golf heads. (2) golf putters- zinc & stainless steel golf putters, golf shafts. (3) golf balls- used/new golf balls, two layer range balls. (4) golf club sets. (5) golf bags. (6) golf tees, golf head covers, golf gloves, golf gifts. (7) molds- medical plastic injection/ i...

Tech Plus Precision Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. : Silicon Iron

Manufacturer of high speed glass engraving machines, high speed engraving milling machinery, double column integrate machining centers, 4 axis/ 5 axis high speed engraving machineries (for multi-angle processing), high speed panel processing equipments (for solar panel & ceramic processing), high speed glass grinding machine (for glass & wafer process, silicon & quartz processing, backlight panel), high speed microscopic processing machine (for micro-hole drilling, graphite processing), double column high s...

Minglida Group : Silicon Iron

We manufacture many kinds of industrial supplies, such as die castings, plastic molds, aluminum alloy castings, aluminum ( aluminium) extrusions, aluminum alloy & bronze castings, aluminum gravity & pressure die castings, body castings, casting die molds, custom iron castings, progressive dies, wax castings, copper alloys, gray ductile irons, phosphor and silicon bronzes, tool steel castingsand castings, casting materials, die casting radiators, casting molds, custom injection mold makings, injection moldin...

Shengsing Five-Mines Ent. Co., Ltd. : Silicon Iron

1. Metal ore: iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore, chromium ore, zinc ore, nickel ore, tin ore, lead ore, titanium ore many kinds of etc.

2. Smelting uses the ore: silicon stone, dolomite, magnesia, fluorspar, refinery calcined petroleum coke, anthracite series product

3. Non-metal ore: livelihood mine, health with the ore, coal, calcium, zeolite, talc powder, mai-fan stone, mica, quartz, tourmaline

4. Watches with ore, mineral specimen, wonderful stone

Royal-Point Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Silicon Iron

Manufacturer of chemical products, including para toluene sulfonic acid, xylene sulfonic acid, P toluenesulfonic acid, sodium xylene sulfonate, AXS, PTSA, SXS, furan resin, furan resin catalase, foundry coating, noble metal, prasodymium metal, pure metal, rare-earta alloy products, spheroidizers, inoculate, ferro alloy, carbon additive, silicon carbide, refractories, aluminum alloy, refractories, assistant materials, tetrahydrate.

Best Die Casting Parts Inc. : Silicon Iron

Manufacturer of aluminum die casting, aluminum metal die casting parts, metal die casting parts, brass and zinc parts castings, die casting molds.

Mag City Co., Ltd. : Silicon Iron

manufacturer of magnetic material, magnet materials - magnetic chuck, magnetic lifter, magnetic ( magnet ) filter/ card/ button, buzzer/ speaker material, silicon iron, soft ferrite/ neodymium ( nd- fe- b )/ samarium cobalt ( smco )/ mq/ rubber magnet, magnetic ( magnet ) assembly.

Golden Season Company Ltd. : Silicon Iron

hardwares including all kinds of ferro- alloys, silicon, manganese, chrome phosphorus,
moly, vanadium, zinc, coke, bascc pig iron, slabs.


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