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Ray Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Ray Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of all kind of fasteners and steel wires such as drilling & self tapping screws, thread cutting & rolling screw, chipboard & particle board & drywall screw, construction screw, window & roofing screws, dowel screw, stainless steel metric machine screws, hex & cheese cap & socket screws, set & thread forming screw, SMS & concrete screws, multi- troke screw, furniture & wood screws, flat head and sems screw, threaded & security screw, bi metal screws, computer & automotive screw, lag screw, brass & aluminum screw, slotted screws, hex head and shoulder bolts, carriage and flange bolt, wheel bolt, high tensile bolt, hot forged bolts, hex flange & nylon insert lock nuts, weld nut, self locking nuts, SQ & dome cap nuts, wing & square nuts, structural nut, anchors, concrete anchor, spring lock and bolt nut screw rivet washers, metal and flat washer, bonded & epdm washer, plus mechanical part, cold drawing wires, spheroidized wires and alloy steels.

Company Profile:Ray Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in Oct 1999 mainly dealing with sales of fasteners. It is based in Kaohsiung Taiwan, 100% privately owned, and a subsidiary company to Chen-Nan Iron Wire Co, Ltd, the wire steel manufacturer. And we specialize in manufacturer of all kind of fasteners and steel wires such as screw, bolt, nut and washer has own wire steel factory, facilities including wire rod warehouse, spheriodizing annealing furnace, pickling surface equipment, wire drawing and screw making. And we are strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested in our product or you want to inquiry, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Amy Yu
Telephone: 886-7-5560180
Fax: 886-7-5560174
Address: 23F.-1, No.366, Bo-ai 2nd Rd., Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City 81358, Taiwan
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