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Sea Master Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Sea Master Enterprise Co., Ltd.

we provide commercial fishing lines, nylon braided mono main lines, multi mono branch lines, nylon braided sekiyama lines, polyester multi branch & nylon multi sekiyama lines, hardware & accessory- stainless box & B.L. swivels, crane & lead barrel swivels, Futaba & heavy duty swivels, HDSS swivels, stainless snaps, various courses & springs- armor & Kanseki springs, braided polyester tubes, luminous beads, luminous courses, stainless courses, U type protect plates, O type silver & copper sleeves, 8 type silver & copper sleeves, tuna hooks, regular & round type tuna hooks, tuna circle hooks, stainless & luminous wires, vinyl & luminous tubes, float parts, radio buoys, strobe lights, plastic & EVA floats, life jackets & buoys, para anchors, fishing lights, mercury lamps, lamp handles, squid & solar warning lights, stainless underwater fishing lamp sets, high efficient electronic fluorescent & light duty work fluorescent lamps, working tools- Fuji hand pressers, sleeves tips, fish hammers, grapples, nylon & cotton working gloves, rubber & ice gloves, boots, raincoats, pipehand hatchets, drop blood knife, brain carvers, fish freshness testers, blood rinsing tubes, fish hooks, stainless steel shovels, scissors, shark shears, fishing nets, twines & ropes, mono & nylon nets, PE & knotless netting, gill & trammel netting, casting & landing nets, nylon & PE twines, mono & nylon bricklayer lines.

For your purchasing reference, we are pleased to quote you our Quotation No.SM-080429 for 1,500 hooks of longline fishing gears just for your reference. And you also can let us know your required fishing gears for your boats and make an inquiry to us. We look forward to establishing a mutual business relationship with your company in the near future. And there's anything un-clear or inquiry, please feel free to contact us by return.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. John Hsu
Telephone: 886-7-7112208
Fax: 886-7-7255477
Address: 4F, No. 57-1, Szu Wei 1st Road, Ling-Ya Dist., Kaohsiung 802, Taiwan
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